It never came back.

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My love for WoW never came back. I still play of course; things like getting the daily randoms done, the weekly.. But nothing more. I haven’t stepped into ICC yet except a rep run here and there. I don’t know why. I love my friends in game dearly and really can’t bear to leave them. But WoW, it does repluse me nowadays. Maybe it’s because I’m tired and jaded with some real life stuff and it translate over to WoW as well. Or maybe, just maybe.. I blame WoW for screwing everything up. Many things just don’t ever come back once they’re lost.


The lazy way out to a post!

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  • What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer? Andrys, Priest, Holy as raiding and Disc otherwise!
  • What is your primary group healing environment? Mostly Heroics and 10 mans.
  • What is your favorite healing spell for your class and why? Love Prayer of Mending coz I just love that nice chime when it bounces.
  • What healing spell do you use least for your class and why? Lesser Heal. Don’t even have it on any action bar nor bothered to bind it.
  • What do you feel is the biggest strength of your healing class and why? Whole lot of fun! Priest healing is so flexible that it can be personalised so much so everyone’s style varies enough to be recognisable.
  • What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your healing class and why? Main tank healing! Unless I swap out to my haste set, MT healing is still a challenge to me esp when it comes to under-geared tanks. Also, it might be just coz I find MT healing/ spam healing kinda boring..
  • In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best healing assignment for you? Raid! But I love support healing as well; that is with the hastened Mass Dispels, fully talented AoE heals or raid-wide bubbling etc.
  • What healing class do you enjoy healing with most and why? Disc priests; coz I hardly get any chance to indulge in this. Thank god for Faction Champions. Now ppl really appreciate how I just don’t die!
  • What healing class do you enjoy healing with least and why? I only have a Paladin as an alt healing class. I tried healing with her once but found it really boring.. I kinda like watching my cooldowns and planning for inc damage rather than just spamming and watch huge crits hit home.
  • What is your worst habit as a healer? Holy spec specific, I keep 3 stacked Serendipity for way longer than I should. Also, I baby the Warlocks too much with Renew.
  • What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while healing? I hate it when tanks insist they haven’t received a heal in 3seconds and it’s a felony! I do mostly 10mans, and in that setting, it’s perfectly ok to be left alone for that little bit while healers help out the DPS teetering on life and death.
  • Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other healers for PvE healing? Totally! While Priests may no longer top healing meters, it’s very often one of our cooldowns that made the difference in a critical situation.
  • What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a healer? People thanking you! It’s great to know you saved someone from a potential killing blow. It also reflects on how well and fast you react to inc damage and how accurate or experienced your judgement has become.
  • What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your healing class? They think I’m a god. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to slack off and be a support healer.. Sadly, Holy priests are very often thrust into the spotlight as THE raid healer.. Sometimes I just wanna dispel ppl and top up.. =S
  • What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new healers of your class to learn? Holy wise, it’s just managing the cooldowns properly and maximizing things like Serendipity.  Disc wise, it’s a whole new play-style that I often advise ppl to try only when they have Holy down to an instinct.
  • If someone were to try to evaluate your performance as a healer via recount, what sort of patterns would they see? You’ll see me big on Prayer of Mending and Flash Heals. Meter wise, I won’t be top of HPS or Overheals but you’ll definitely see that I die the least in the raid.
  • Haste or Crit and why? I have 2 sets of the gear. Haste for MT healing but I tend to lean towards Crit on my balanced set so I regen better and can dps when needed.
  • What healing class do you feel you understand least? Druids? and Shammies? I only play belf toons so.. yeah..
  • What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in healing? Grid + Xperl mainly.. Between these 2, I can configure every last spell there is. Naturcast and OmniCC are some other stuff I find useful.
  • Do you strive primarily for balance between your healing stats, or do you stack some much higher than others, and why? Mostly balance.. But I do stack Int and Crit more than I do Haste and Spirit these days. Regen isn’t all that great compared to the old days you see..


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I got my Violet Proto-Drake on the first day or rather, Day -1 of Hallow’s End since it came early on the Oceanic servers. There was no thrill, no rush, no nothing when I saw the multiple achievement bars pop on the bottom of my scene. I guess it’s over.. my love affair with WoW. I’ve nothing more to chase; no more reputations worth grinding for, no partner to go rough up the arena scene with, no more out-in-the-open achievements to hunt down. Fuck, this is what happens when you don’t raid, you don’t go hard-core. You eventually deadpan.

I feel like crap. I like challenges, I like blood, I love adrenaline. And now, I’ve seemed to lose all that both in real life and in game life. Sigh, this is a new low. I’m itching to kill things; shit, I’ll even go back to managing the very vast enterprise that’s my former guild.. with my very anal GM. Just for the sake of a little thrill. TBH, let’s just say I love control. Sometimes I do take more pleasure than I should rubbing their faults into guildies’s faces. Hmm, btw I was hired/requited to my former position to be the biggest bitch there was on the server. That, technically makes it not my fault when I make people cry; it’s just my job. See, my former guild’s just sick and yes, sadistic. I think they rather liked me that way.

Ah, maybe I should just channel the excess energy into some useful blog entries maybe. Like, maybe I could discuss some useful raid strategies/talent builds/gear choices/rotations.. blah blah blah. Maybe. But nothing’s interesting me much anymore! rolls eyes* I really wish it were otherwise. Can’t someone just throw me a difficult puzzle to solve or something? It’s like my brains cells are degenerating these days.


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I lost momentum with WoW again. Maybe a few more days, then I’ll go back to my baby paladin and get some new badges come in. Sigh, healing really gets boring sometimes. In my current state of mind, I guess the slashing sounds from my huge axe when I play retadin suits me better. I’m murderous; killing stuff really calms me down, especially when I lick alliance blood off my blade.

The Burnout.

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Suddenly, I found myself in need of a ridiculously huge number of Triumph emblems this week and hence, have done every possible raid to secure as many as I could. Triumph gear doesn’t itemise very well with what I currently have and I’ve found upgrades beneficial only when they come 2 pieces or more together. For example, the helm and shoulder pieces are what is available to Holy priests atm. It is unfortunate though that the helm provides crit when it’s meant to replace my current one that’s loaded with almost half the haste I have atm. The shoulders.. god damn works the other way round much to my annoyance. So, 75+45 emblems is what I’m looking at for now. 1 week more of raids to go before a real upgrade.

I know the talk of the week is Onyxia; but I’m kinda.. over Onyxia before it started. See, nothing’s new to the encounter, not even the crap loot. I assume melee is going gaga over the all too familiar, nostalgic weapons; but as a clothy, I’m like hmm.. Ok, the ring from the 10man head is a slight upgrade for me I admit. But the 2 piece trinket set? Hmm, I don’t get who might want them actually. Both trinky slots for those procs? I really think it’s not worth it considering the other very powerful alternatives that just take up a single slot to actually work. Onyxia’s still a pretty girl as I remember from vanilla days. I’m just a tat disappointed how easy this is after they threw Ulduar and before-nerf ToC at us. After all, a dragon’s a dragon.. I kinda would like more punch lol.

And ToC nerfs have ruined everything. I loved Faction Champions before the nerf. They were.. a challenge; and uber fun despite all those wipes. These days, it seems more likely to die in a lowbie-mixed-in AV than in Faction Champions. Honestly, my raid this week suffered a tickle.. and that really was it. Now, even Dreadscale and his pal are higher up on my ToC hate list. Wait, even the girls are more troublesome. >.< That’s of course also because they fixed Twin Pact and I can’t zerg kill one anymore. Sulks* Give me back my original ToC damnit!

Raids aside, I finally got my 100 mounts achievement today as I got around to buying the 16,000g vendor mammoth. I could have waited another 10days for an AT mount, or farmed myself another battleground mount, but somewhere deep inside, I just think I’ve always wanted one of them mounts that screamed, ‘I’M RICH!’ Ok, not anymore though after that purchase.. But whatever. This week, I’ve also gotten around to finally doing some Ulduar hard modes with Heartbreaker and the IC ones down. Maybe I’ll blog those soon, but hmm.. When I feel less sated enough to write a technical piece, we’ll see. I’ve also encountered a rather inadequate Disc priest this week in my raid; which prompts me to write yet another Holy vs Disc piece. Actually, I’ve had that draft in my folders for days now; just too lazy to touch up enough for a post.

Also, I’ve fallen in love with Wintergrasp finally! My tank’s been laughing at me non-stop for days now.. since I had the Emalon 25 achievement pop in last week’s raid. He just couldn’t believe I’ve never done Emalon before. O_o” (the context: on my weird server, VoA groups typically ask for an achievement link before they let you go with them.) TBH, I’ve done VoA 10 + 25 less than 10 times altogether before. I’m only into it now because I was needing that Mammoth to drop for 100 mounts before today and also, I need a T8.5 glove. Sigh, mere mention of T8.5 and I get pissed. Itemisation is such a pain, I’ve got a couple of pieces of ToC gear just sitting in the bank because I cannot let the T8 2-bonus go. Sigh, 10% crit on PoH? I really can’t let that go. Just tell me what to do now.



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God I hate Brewfest. 350 coins to get my achievements done and right up to now, my tally is at 191. Sigh, it’s no wonder I’ve skipped Brewfest every year previously; it’s just one big screwed up event. Also, did I mention how much I hate my fuzzy screen after I get smashed defending kegs every half hour? I don’t get 10mins of somber time in an hour seriously. Gives me a headache. By the way, BRD was never really a place I fancied. Now, it’s degenerated to loathe.

There was this one time…when I was drunk… I burned BRD to the ground. No, wait.. fire doesn’t work there does it? More like freeze it over maybe. God, you have no idea how long it takes on my server to get this daily done. I camp on average, 5-6hrs before there’s any success; for 10 frking coins!! 10!! It’s just utterly insane. There was this 1 fail attempt, they managed to hit 1 iron dwarf during the whole event >.< Sigh, I log on  an alt parked on the brewfest grounds every half hour to check.. But sigh, it’s a lot of disappointment and frustration for 10 coins. On the brighter side, my quest for Loremaster is really going well because of this. I simply quest and quest and quest until I get this daily down.

Ram racing.. This really pisses me off. I’ve failed 2 times in a row now because of random DC or server lag. It is a bad bad idea to try to do this right before Tuesday maintainance when server goes crazy. I’ve just blown this like that and it makes me so so so mad! And Blizz is really really stupid not to make this a daily or even a 12-hourly quest whatever.. But simply, I would love to see the exclamation mark to know when it’s available again. I really don’t get why we need to talk to the goblin to find out. It makes for a huge crowd at the tent everyday, whatever time it is and that just doesn’t help with the stupid lag and bugs surrounding the whole Brewfest event.

Personally, I feel Brewfest is too demanding as an event. It’s incredibly stingy with the tokens with just 1 standard daily that gives 15coins. The iron dwarf daily is a nightmare for raiders who have no time to camp this hour upon hour and even then, it’s just 10 coins. With just 12 days to go and 160 more coins to get at least, the achievements are still within reach provided you have some patience and diligence. The pressure’s there though because it’s this tight and it’s certainly not helping me enjoy the festival at all. I even prefer the Lunar fest to Brewfest despite the amount of effort honoring elders took. At the very least, the other festivals brought you around Azeroth and combined some lore, some interest, some pvp, some variety. Brewfest is really lacking in all that. It’s more like boredom, repetition, goblins, and the same patch of desert land for 15days.

It’s time for a revamp Blizzard. Brewfest’s a time to chill and have a beer, not stress out and QQ.

Sarth and 3D >.<

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We tried 3D today with the zerg strategy; that is, to get Sarth down before the whelps pop. I have to say, even with some uber DPS, this isn’t gonna be the easier fights around anytime soon. We wiped 2hours until the instance respawned and still couldn’t break the 15% barrier. It was truly a stretch of limits with me solo-healing the single tank. DPS could not afford to take damage at all even from the adds. There was no margin for error and DPS had to pump a cool 5k and above to even achieve any form of success.

Talking about the healing; it was easy at the beginning but it only really begins after the 2nd fire wall is over. Henceforth, the tank spikes crazily with the 2 or 3 drakes breathing on him. I couldn’t afford to even move because I had to spam heal. I had the retadin bubble me so I could stand in a fire wall and keep the tank up. All is lost however, once the whelps spawn and reach the group. There is no way in hell a tank can survive so many things hitting/breathing him.

If you’re interested in this strategy; here’s it in more detail.

  • 1 tank, 1 healer, 8 DPS
  • We pulled at the landing on the left behind Sarth.
  • Ranged DPS mostly stacked with melee except hunters who had a range problem.
  • Sarth was tanked facing right and had his body parallel to the edge of the isle.
  • DPS stood in a line along the edge of the isle with Sarth almost right on top of them.
  • Healer (me) stood on the other side of Sarth with the hunter.
  • Raid dodged Fire Walls by either dipping into the lava behind them or running under Sarth to my side.
  • It’s very important that DPS look for voids because they are stacked.

In the end, I called for end of raid because it was simply going downhill as people lost concentration. The last few attempts saw people grabbing aggro, people eating voids, people getting breathed on. I guess it’s 3D next week again. Btw, our DKs each pumped out 8k that fight. That just leads me to think perhaps next week, I’ll get 8 DKs instead. >.<