How Naxx poisoned my weekend..

It is the legendary Instructor fight that was the spoiler totally! 3 wipes on Sunday and an additional 4 on Monday made the Instructor the deadliest boss on 10-man on my statistics page. GG, it is embarassing really when it can be such a breeze when ppl know what they ought to be doing. But then again, as you know, ought to do and what actually is being done very often are 2 entirely different things in WoW.

To be fair, I should eat 1 or 2 of those wipes for being my fault for not stepping up and assigning heals. I soo hate it when it becomes very apparent to the raid that the heals were screwed and then I get a pm here and there from ppl asking if everything’s ok. Seriously, dps dying to the dagger is soo not cool. It makes me look bad, except when those bloody locks life tap themselves to death WITH the debuff. That I tell you, is 1 dps-er who has recount for a brain.

Monday saw us pulling a 3hr plus stint in Naxx for just Instructor, Harvester and Patchwerk. Our MT invested 30mins playing with the mind crystals with the new OT on Instructor, teaching her the taunt cycles. Apparently, she didn’t know how to release the minion after all. When she finally got the hang of it, I was nearly asleep watching from the balcony. Finally we get a real shot at him and that was when the sky started falling down on me. I had eaten my +crit fish, thinking it was gonna be a GH spam session with my minion… That was until my dps started dropping hp like nobody’s business from the dagger. Well, I would say it was a dead hush on the raid after that clean wipe up. Nobody’s got the guts to lash out on healers on vent as of yet lol. But suddenly, my chat log was the dreaded colour of purple.. Seriously, I don’t get what is so hard to top up dps in between topping up the minions. But apparently, my healers work with no Grid, no X-perl and no Vent to boot.

Harvester was 1 fun boss when me and red were put on the live side with out trusty hunter. I wonder what our RL was thinking though, to imagine possibly living through the undead waves w/o our MT at the helm. Aww, but I wasn’t complaining since I got it soo easy with this setup. But then.. as expected, the undead side died on us. And it was a terrifying sight to behold when the gates opened and we had an army of bones rushing to devour us in the end… Sigh. It was soo ironic in the end when the cloth bracers I’m coveting dropped.. and I rolled lowest for it. 😦 damn, if only we could duel for it like sele suggested.. I bet I’d own it lol.

Patchwerk was the finale of the night. The enrage ate us up 1st attempt and almost did the second time round. It is very sad when ppl run ready checks and still manage to pull a boss with ppl, with a HEALER afk for a fight as heals intensive as Patchwerk. When my UI finally reloaded.. Our OT was at her last 3k hp with no inc heals.. Omg srsly, what a way to kickstart my system into overdrive. Guardian Angel for an opener anyone? GG, just in time too.. OT  was super amazed about the enrage killing her, it took 3 ppl saying “enrage” in vent repeatedly to explain it.. only to realise she was not on vent! O_o ah, social raiding..

Sometimes I do think ‘social’ shouldn’t be an excuse for sloppiness and lack of effort. All in all a “nice” Naxx this weekend with nice upgrades for some ppl. Just hope it’s like they say that practise makes perfect. If not perfect, at least, help me come out of Naxx next weekend with some energy left to smile, some grace left to jest and some loot to boot! >.<


~ by sparklefreeze on February 16, 2009.

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