Maintainence Night >.<

It’s Tuesday night. What do I do on Tuesday nights? Wait for the bloody server to come on at 3am. Seriously, I want those lame Higher Learning books in Dalaran for my achievement and that cutesy Kirin Tor Familiar pet! The graphic lag in Dalaran is a whooping 2frs for me this evening at logout. Damn overcrowded place sure could need some reclaimation going on and frking expand so for just once I can stand on a piece of ground and call it my own instead of having to stack inside yet another Tauren DK. And I am totally sick of DKs and their wailing mounts.

As usual, Blizzard has an issue with time-concept. It’s 0230 and I can’t even see the realm list as yet. >.<” But… it’s Patch 3.0.9 today! 3.1.0 is soo near I can taste it really! Licks dual-speccing* You have no idea just how long a wait this has been! Discipline is looking soo awesome right now I totally am regretting selling the crit set I had to free up some bank space in anticipation of Naxx loots. Sigh, speaking of Naxx.. Sigh really.. but that’s for the next post. Just way too much to QQ about in 1 post.


~ by sparklefreeze on February 16, 2009.

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