The Time-Lost hunt for the TLPD..

I loved Storm Peaks; sincerely I did once upon a long time.. I think by now I’ve clocked well over a few hundred hours shivering in the snow waiting.. Just frking waiting for the TLPD. Aww, saw it sitting on Krasus Landing the other day again. Some priest “bumped” into it while doing Hodir dailies. Really, I think I’ve done enough Hodir dailies to be Exalted 3 times over by now.. But still no TLPD bumping into me ever!

Btw, this is what General Chat looks like on a typical drake camping day in SP..

“Anyone since the time-lost anywhere?”

“No,  and as if I’ll tell you lol.”

“C’mon don’t be mean. we’re all horde”

“lol. So what.”

“so.. has anyone seen TLPD or not?”

*dead silence*

As a note, I don’t usually type anything in /1. It’s just.. Pointless.

Buddy of mine pm-ed me when I logged on this morning. Apparent Vryagosa had decided to spawn like 30mins after I surrendered and went to bed the previous night.. >.< damnit really, though it’s not exactly the jackpot, I need that achievement for Northrend Rares!! And my buddy here’s killed her a grand total of 7 times now and taken 3 screenshots with very dead TLPDs.. 😦

I should really just hug my Green Proto-Drake and thank god for being THAT lucky to get it. But let me say this.. If it’s the last thing I ever loot from WoW, it would be my TLPD. And yes, MINE!


~ by sparklefreeze on February 16, 2009.

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