Tuesday Night thinking about.. Tanks!

Well, I was just over at WoWInsider and read this pretty interesting article about how Warrior tanks are inferior to any other class as tanks.


To be honest, I entirely agree that game mechanic wise, Warriors are really unloved by Blizz. While they used to be the best raiding tanks with their threat generation being that hard for leet DPS to outdo and their nice taunts, it seems all these now has been extended to Paladins and Druids. Death Knights too have proven themselves to be major contenders to the MT slot with their hugely efficient AoE tanking with Death and Decay. Personally, I’m just surprised that a geared, def capped DK tank is not as squishy as I think them to be. In fact, DKs very often hit a cool 30k unbuffed quite easily while my Paladins struggle with their gems and enchants to do that.

Now I have never really bothered with Warriors as tanks in BC. Almost always, I run heroics rotating between a couple of tank friends who all happen to be Paladins. It is obvious why people still think of Paladins as the ultimate heroics tank. I myself find that Consecrate is possibly the only AoE that grabs aggro so fast and for so long. Everytime I get an add on me, I run into that beautiful golden glow on the floor that saves me. I wouldn’t do that in a DK’s D&D. Warriors however.. Get the game so much harder in comparison.

For one, I believe to be a Warrior tank.. Gear is paramount. While other tanks have got long hp bars by default or class benefits like Blessing of Sanctuary, Warriors need their +24 stamina gems on a nice T7 chest. And oh, if you haven’t done it, get def capped!!

Next, Warrior tanks need to be that much more vigilant than other tanks. They need to be ready to physically taunt adds off whoever has aggroed asap. Paladins get this here easy as it’s like I said.. Just run to the glow on the floor. Warriors, it’s sad Thunderclap fails epically in comparison.

Personally, my favorite is still the Paladin tank. What other tank can get Ramparts done in 18mins flat or now, UK in just 23mins? But recently, because my boyfriend plays this awesome Warrior tank, I’ve given the class more love. What I do observe is that Warrior tanks mitigate melee damage the best in all the tank classes but die so much quicker to massive magical damage. In times of near death, very often it is the Warrior tank that lasts long enough hovering at 10% for my next epic health to get out. Paladins of course will choose to Lay on Hands. But in a tight situation, this is a feature of Warrior tanks that I so love when raiding.

Guild just cleared Sapphiron today, with the help of my bf’s Warrior tank. Cleave really hardly hurts him that much really and I was surprised how I basically Flash Healed most parts of that encounter. In fact, while the DPS huddled on the right side near the tail with my raid healers and I was on the left with the MT, I very often popped a renew and Prayer of Mending to head right and throw the raid some Circle of Healing love in Blizzard times.  Of course when I do get back to my poor bf, he could be anywhere from 30% to 60% and I pop a Greater Heal.. Rinse and repeat.

I would like to see my guild’s main Paladin tank the dragon and observe the differences in damage and heals. At the moment, I’m required to work double duty as MT heals and part-time raid heals since my other healers are less geared than I am. Because of this, I am soo glad my bf agreed to help out my guild in Naxx and give me the luxury of time to do that. In the end, what really limited me was Holy Reach that I did not specc for.

Sigh.. But I am really really glad the guild made it so far in Naxx. It’s quite unbelievable still! With Sapphiron down now, Eye of Eternity is up on the guild roster next week! Woot, most fun fight ever.. but expect a lot of wipeage lol. Steep learning curve for Malygos no doubt. But I bet ya it’ll be hell fun. ^^


~ by sparklefreeze on February 17, 2009.

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