The BIG 3.1 Mana oomph patch >.<

Ok, with Ulduar coming up in 3.1, mana regen changes are gonna be overshadowed right? WRONG! From what I’ve been hearing from the caster community in guild, in trade, among friends.. is the incessant buzz going on with the prospects of going oomph with the spirit nerf. This is really really troubling right now because nobody is quite sure how this would affect raid healing. It does look ok in numbers on paper especially since Blizz is emphasizing that talent-based regen is getting some major buff up in return.

However as a Jewelcrafter, business prospects are looking good right now with casters inquiring about MP5 gems. It would look like many are thinking of a major gem overhaul come 3.1. Personally, that’s what I’ve been thinking too. Cept, as a Holy Priest, spirit contributes to spell power by 25% with talent. Such a dilemma really. At current, am running on a cool 1000 spirit, so do the math. . Sigh, spirit or MP5?!

To be honest, though healing is basically jumping in and out of the 5sec-rule, last time I checked.. I am a mere 10% out of the rule during raid fights. Prolly coz I’m doing double duty MT-healing and raid healing, I do end fights with a cool 0% mana exactly. Also, Arcane Torrent, Shadowfiend, Hymn of Hope are all rotated during the fight. You can actually say I pop every CD the minute they’re up. And, I also do use Mana pots.. Not on the easy quarters but in Construct and KT fights.. I do.

With base regeneration cut by 40%, I guess that means it’s ok to spam heals like a paladin; but more moderately. Though we do have Serendipity now, I wouldn’t say that’s the way to go for Holy Priests. In fact, what I’d think of as the other alternative, is to increase Intellect.  I run at a mere 17k mana pool right now while my Discipline friends have 19k cause of Mental Strength.  It’s time I cut myself some lovely Brilliant Autumn’s Glow aye?


~ by sparklefreeze on February 19, 2009.

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