Boring Week..

Plagued Proto-Drake

Well, couple more Twilight Vanquishers popped up on server this week as more guilds claim their victories in OBS-25. The Plagued Proto-Drake has finally also made it’s debut on the server with 2 peeps from the horde guild Endless Fury this past week. Personally, I’m just glad we horde finally beat the alliance on some pve raid content. And ooh, I love the plagued drake like even more than the TLPD I reckon. I just find it so girlish being pink/purplish in colour. Hahaz, but it seems nobody agrees with me on that count.

Raid this weekend looks like a pretty vague thing with attendance still being unconfirmed up to this point. Sigh, I would love to have the luxury of more healers for raids really. I hate running Naxx with just 2 heals with DPS at this current undesirable level. Loatheb was such a pain yesterday with just me and the shaman healer. In that 3 second window, I got my Prayer of Healing out, a quick CoH and that Surge of Light to my tank. Sigh, perhaps if Global Cool-Down wasn’t an issue, I could like solo heal that guy.. =S To be very honest, it did feel like I was solo-ing heals that fight. Eventually, my tanks just withered away coz they could not partake in the CoH love and I was in the wrong party for the PoH for them too.. Just too tired to try again. So glad they called it quits lol.

Sigh, I do dislike having to ask friends to fill up raid spots for the guild. It’s just.. Uncomfortable. Ah, not really in the mood to blog I realise. I’ll just continue tomorrow. =(


~ by sparklefreeze on February 21, 2009.

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