3.1 Patch Notes and Talent Revamp..


Wow, just yesterday I posted the Dual-Spec research I’ve been compiling for a while and now, 3.1 has made some things I raised irrelevant lol. Oh wells, dual spec will cost you 1000g btw, so let’s all go do some dailies right now and get the funds ready. ^^ Matt’s got the whole analysis of 3.1 changes right here.


I’m kinda surprised how much will be changed with the coming patch. Though it’s a bit of nip/tuck compared to the DKs getting some major face-lift gone awry, the Priest changes are going to affect game play for sure this time round. It aren’t simply buffing this or nerfing that. Talents have be revamped and for me, Holy’s gotten a whole lot more interesting than before now; probably to keep Priests Holy rather than Disc? Hahaz, you really can’t blame the Disc mania these days. 3.1 hasn’t seen the end of the affections Blizz’s been showering on Discipline. What with Divine Aegis now stacking, Power Word: Shield w/o a CD and Penance castable on self..  Discipline is looking oh so very delicious!

But for now, let’s talk about Holy. What used to happen was that a Flash Heal crits and procs Surge of Light, Holy Concentration and Imp Holy Concentration. So the subsequent casts will simply be a Surged FH, a free GH, 2 hasted GH/FH which in turn might crit and proc Surge and Holy Concentration again. Now with the removal of Imp Holy Concentration, haste will be sorely missed. =( I love how fast a GH is with Imp.H.Conc up together with Essence of Life from my egg trinky from the badge vendor.  Now that Test of Faith is being revamped to give +% heals instead of crit chance, it also means less chance of the Surge + H.Conc proc.

What this looks like now, is Blizz trying to make Priests actually go oomph. With the removal of Hymn and the revamp to Serendipity, we are getting less and less channels to get mana back. The buff up for the shadowfiend is some kind of offset to this, but for the 5min CD, I’d prefer a more consistent mana-back avenue.

Holy Concentration seems to be the answer to this. But I am uncertain if a regen proc is better than a free GH. Simply put, regenerating means waiting for mana to trickle back, albeit it being a faster trickle with the H.Conc proc. However, is that regen amount going to be more than a free GH? Plus, if you do Finance, you’ll know money now is of greater value than money later. The same goes for mana. When at 1% mana left, I surely would rather have an instant free GH to cast than having to wait a bit for mana to regen.

It seems unless we have H.Conc up almost all the time and can somehow stay out of the 5-sec rule to allow for maximum regen, we are going to use the fiend a lot more from now on. Currently, free GHs proc very often for me, like 3 in 10 casts average. I almost never go oomph because of the synergy of this standard cast sequence. Henceforth, it seems Holy Priests will have to keep a close watch on their mana. No longer will it be viable to have a tank pull mobs when you’re running on 10% mana. That was never really an issue before since I could always count on a H.Conc proc to save the day.

The removal of Imp.Holy Concentration is also puzzling to me. Is Blizz trying to say Holy Priests should stay out of spam healing encounters? Now Serendipity remains as the lone haste proc for Holy Priests. Something similar to what they were doing in the Disc tree, a certain amount of control is now given to the Priest in the form of how many stacks of haste do we want before we pop the next GH. Also interesting is that Serendipity haste extends only to GHs and PoHs whilst Imp.H.Conc extends to Binding heals, FHs and GHs. Possibly that’s Blizz’s way of making Priests use these neglected spells again rather than spamming FHs.

What I take away after reading these patch notes again and again is that..

  • Mana is going to be a problem now. Stack Crit to proc Holy.Conc as much as is possible. Try to keep it at a comfortable 40% and up as much as possible now. ( I used to feel confident at 20%)
  • Might want to stack more haste for heroic runs involving endless pulling since spam FHs is still the spell of choice.
  • Cast sequence FH, FH, FH, GH. Rinse and repeat. A 60% hasted GH might take even less time for a FH to go out, don’t know yet. (Until server comes up, I won’t have the numbers to do my calculations.)
  • Blizz is making us choose either Deep Holy or Deep Disc. Holy is no longer viable without Serendipity and H.Conc.
  • Empowered Renew is a must-take for me. An instant heal + HoT is a godsend in the face of the loss of Imp.H.Conc haste.
  • CoH buff and PoH flexibility says to me Blizz wants Holy Priests on raids now and give up MT heals spot to Disc Priests. In a way, this is establishing Disc Priests as possibly best MT heals tgt with Paladins.

*Relevant changes to the Disc tree will be updated in the previous post ‘Discipline Issues >.<‘



~ by sparklefreeze on February 24, 2009.

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