The Oracles love me!

Guess what came out of my Mysterious Egg today? Yup, Reins of the Green-Proto-Drake.. And the best part is that I’ve already got one. Sigh, it pains my heart so much to DESTROY the baby when my alts would die to have it. Friend of mine offered a cool 10k gold to buy it off me if it weren’t soulbound. =( I need that gold for my Grand Ice Mammoth from Hodir which I just can’t afford as yet. Do you think I could trade it in for say.. Reins of the TIME-LOST Proto-Drake?! Hahaz, dream on..

Malygos was a no go for guild yesterday, we were missing a DK/Sparkles tank. I was really quite disappointed because it’s such a fun fight to look forward to. Hopefuly we’ll give it a go this weekend. OBS is on the Guild roster this week as well. I’ve been dreaming of Twilight Drakes for a while now; they’re just gorgeous things.. Personally, I prefer the title ‘of the Nightfall’ to ‘Twilight Vanquisher’. OBS, much like Naxx, is somehow just a whole lot harder on 10 than 25. Perhaps they mixed it up and 10 was actually meant to be Heroic?

Oh, a random observation I made and would like to ask DKs about. I was out at Icecrown where the big Dam is, killing scourge for the JC daily curio.. And the abominations there do this skill that is a deathgrip in essence though it’s called something else. I realised that by positioning myself  behind a rock line-of-sight to the mob, whenever he gripped me, I would fly but would bounce off the rock instead of flying all the way to him. I also did not necessarily have to stand right behind the rock but given a couple of yards’ distance also saw the same thing happening.

When I asked a DK mate of mine, he said that Deathgrip cannot even be cast if there is any sort of LOS issue. However, in this case was there any LOS issue? I could still dps him from where I stood behind the rock. So theory goes that if I can see him, he should be able to see me right? Then why did I not fly over the rock but rather bounced off it? The way I see it is perhaps it is similar to a Warrior’s charge. Sometimes, there is no clear route to the target and the charge fails. However, sometimes while charging the toon can get stuck on certain environmental obstacles such a slopes/ rocks etc.

In the end my friend said that perhaps it is only true for mobs since the mechanics of mobs and players do differ. Hmm, I was just thinking.. If it works for DK’s Deathgrip, then it’ll be a huge arena/PVP tip to keep in mind. I absolutely hate being gripped as experienced during the Insanity that is Old Kingdom ewww alien-looking boss. So, question to DKs, have you ever Deathgripped a player/mob and have it bang into a tree/gate/rock/another mob/another player before? Or does it fly through/over said obstacle to land before you? Also, what are the chances of having a Deathgrip miss/resisted?

On a side note, I wonder if they fixed the Deathgrip bug over at Booty Bay. It sure is one long flight to fly through all of the worlds lol.


~ by sparklefreeze on February 24, 2009.

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