Twilight Assist & PTR Chatter ^^

Well well, work has totally eaten my energy this past week. Haven’t even had time to log in for some dailies til today. I hopped over to Shattered Hand to chat abt the PTR a bit tonight to have a sneak preview of the goodies in store. Hahaz, my friend said he had parked his toon right outside of Ulduar just coz he loves that huge robot. PTR is truly what they call “Patience Test Realm”; you basically dc every 100 steps of the way. But oh wells, it’ll get better soon aye? I hear Iron Council’s out for testing too. Hahaz, just waiting on a video now.

Breathing in the chilly air outside Ulduar makes me itch for some hardcore raiding again. Contemplates a realm transfer* With less time for WoW these days, I really want to be raiding whenever I can squeeze time out to login. Hmm, I finally got a group to do OBS today with drakes up as well. Twilight Assist is a nice achievement to grab after a dry spell for me.  Prolly 2 drakes next week? Sigh, we wiped a grand total of 8 times trying 2D Sath til Sath was indeed picking it’s teeth with our charred bones.. =( Meanwhile, while I was getting pawed by whelps, one of my tanks got his Nightfall achievement.. Gah, I almost.. almost did not have the grace to say gratz. Lol. But Kenshee, gratz.. Sincerely.

Got posted back up to date with 3.1 stuff by a wow fanatic friend today. Best news I’ve heard so far? Retribution Pally is getting un-nerfed!! Hahaz, seriously it’s about time. For some unknown reason, people are just so jealous of Retadins. How can Fanaticism be nerfed?! That was what I first thought when I read the early edition of patch notes. I’m just glad Blizz came to their senses and restored the numbers.  Another thing I’m looking forward to is Noble Garden event hahaz. What with the colored eggs, rabbit ears, spring flings.. Just a celebration catered to people like me. ^^

Sigh, guild is getting really undone these days. Though DPS is indeed slowly getting where they ought to be on the charts, I’m just not seeing the kind of pace required to advance. It’s kinda sad when you like these people but don’t enjoy raiding with them? Sigh, I got poked in the ribs today by a friend when I told him we wiped twice on the plague quarter gargolyes.. =S Sometimes.. I do miss the days in Shattered Hand; even those days I got blasted by Raid Leaders for failing to keep my tank alive. I think, I even miss them calling me “The .5 healer”. Hahaz, these days people call me 1.5 healer in guild, but I guess I’ll always be just 0.5 to them bunch of guys.


~ by sparklefreeze on March 8, 2009.

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