Power Word….. Barrier! ^^


Sigh, does it surprise me that Power Word: Barrier is probably never going live on realms ever? Hell no lol, I guess I’m more surprised Blizz actually had the idea for such a spell haha. To be honest, giving Discipline tree a Power Word: Barrier is gonna make us so so so OP. To illustrate the degree of  OP-ness, I’d say it’s more OP than when DKs first hit us. The sorely misunderstood Disc tree has been receiving so much love recently, PW:B will be like Christmas came twice in 3 months. So.. I completely understand why it’s not been happening on the PTR, though it doesn’t mean I’m not heartbroken. =(

Funny though how my friend’s been telling me we do already have a PW:B with Prayer of Healing critting for DA to proc.. I was just wondering how much mana do you need to spam PoH to keep DA up.. and what, 40% crit chance maybe? Lol, I am an eternity away from those leet stats though. With all the clothies in guild, the best crit pieces I could lay my hands on are Forge Ember from HoS and believe it or not.. the trinky from being exalted with the Oracles. Titansteel Guardian is a sweet piece as well no doubt, cept that it’s so frking ugly. Having a boomkin for the aura might be good too.. hmm..

Ah, but just think.. PW:B during Malygos?! That is just gonna be real cool! Hehez, it’ll be fun to see bubbles pop up all over the raid too; visual spectacle! Hahaz, I’m just so excited over the possiblities lol. Dual spec, dual spec.. Dual trouble aww..


~ by sparklefreeze on March 13, 2009.

One Response to “Power Word….. Barrier! ^^”

  1. I’m not on the PTR but i’m assuming the PW:B idea got absorbed into the new zero cool down PW:S (Soul Warding).

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