Of Glass & Figurines..


Woot, last week I finally got my Spirit World Glass to drop in Naxx, after like 2months. It’s probably the best trinky in game atm for Holy Priests with the +84 spirit stat. That’s like what a staff would usually grant lol. I love this trinky so much, I had a macro to use it on every available CD together with Arcane Torrent. Btw, though loads of ppl tell me torrenting is totally over-rated, I have to say.. I get an instant 1.3k mana back in 1 click fully raid-buffed and 1.1k party buffed. So, I love being a pretty belf. ^^ Sigh, Spirit-World Glass.. It’s just too bad Discipline doesn’t work with Spirit too well. For that, we’re looking at either Je’Tze’s Bell or Soul of the Dead. (Last I checked, the bloody bell’s selling for 5k on my local AH.) I dig MP5 in Disc spec.

Well talking about trinkys, I have about 6 trinkys in my bags at any 1 time. Some might think that’s really too many, but I just hate running to the bank for swaps. At current, I have Insignia of the Horde, Majestic Dragon Figurine, Forge Ember, Mark of the War Prisoner, Figurine – Crimson Serpent and Commendation of Kael’Thas in bags and Egg of Mortal Essence and Sprit-World Glass equipped. I can never have too many trinkys I feel; and they are the equipment I really keep my loot-limit rolls for. But let’s talk about what these do for me, starting with those that seem completely irrelevant to a Holy Priest.

Commendation of Kael’thas – After a thousand runs of MgT for the Mount and pet, my group all has the entire collection of trinkys from the 5v5. I decided to keep this and sell my lousy Vial of the Sunwell because of the huge Stamina stat that I sometimes need to buff up my squishy self. I’ve used it when me and my tank 2 man Heroic MgT 5v5, on 4 Horsemen when tanking back etc. Been nice to see myself at 20k hp sometimes lol.

Mark of the War Prisoner – I’ve passed this so many times in VH until 1 day, I realised every last clothy in guild has it already! Hadn’t really wanted it so I could excuse myself from MC duty for Instructer fights until today.. I had to do it because the raid leader was a friend I just couldn’t let down >.<. For 73hit, my MC still broke early in the middle of my taunt cycle when I went 2nd. But with elixir and fish buffing me up to a cool 160hit, the fight went without a hiccup. ^^

Insignia of the Horde – Needless to say, it’s an arena thing I keep with me for world alliance ganking. But, I’ve used it during Insanity in Old Kingdom when I have a group choked full on fearers etc. It’s just a trinky I keep close for security.

Figurine – Crimson Serpent – This is a JC trinky from being Exalted with SSO in BC. I just like the big 49stamina, 33intellect stats on this one. Sometimes I use it together with the Commendation for 4 Horsemen tanking. Other times, I use this instead of the other to keep a healing trinky on. I kinda see myself using it in Disc spec until I get the Darkmoon trinky to stack intellect; but that’s depending.. I have so many crit trinkys lying ard in the bank!

Forge Ember – It’s probably my fav trinky after the Glass. I’ve also passed this countless times to guildies before finally owning 1. Crit makes it a natural choice for Disc healing, but atm I do use it in place of the Glass when I do heroics. 2.1k heals is an overkill for heroics I feel, so sacrificing the spirit buff up on Glass for crit with Forge Ember is no big deal. Plus, I get a cool 20% crit chance with this on, proccing more Holy Conc + Surge of Light combos. I tend to use it for Loatheb as well since mana is no issue.

Majestic Dragon Figurine – It’s a cute trinky at first.. I tried it out on a heroic, thinking that with my tank’s tendency to chain pull, I would never stop casting.. But I was wrong. The trinky just doesn’t perform unless on those raid fights you just chain heal after heal after heal for the stack 10 to always be renewed. On heroics, I find myself casting a Renew at the last possible sec on a warlock life-tapping etc. just to keep the buff up. It’s way too much work to monitor like this. On heals intensive fight, I’m not sure a +180 spirit would regen enuff mana to be significant in delaying oopmh, but I keep it in my bag for further testing out.

Spirit-World Glass – A must on 10men but not necessary on 25men. I never oophm on 25men, so Forge Ember becomes more valuable there. In heroics, it depends on the group, but usually I’ll opt out as well. I use it every CD in 10men, total life-saver sometimes. It’s not gonna be in my Disc set, but no doubt I’ll probably still absent-mindedly click on its icon on my hotbar.

Egg of Mortal Essence – I never ever swap this one out even when I’m DPS-ing in Holy. +98 Spell Power.. I find that really hard to beat til the 25men loot. Even then, the haste proc is so so sweet I cannot do without it at all. Usually, Imp. Holy Conc and this procs together, making for a really fast series of GHs. No doubt it’s helped me stay on the top of healing charts many a time and saved a couple of Patchwerk, Maexnna wipes. ^^


~ by sparklefreeze on March 21, 2009.

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