Due to all the crap that’s been going on at work, I really haven’t had a day when I get back and feel like I have any energy to play WoW, much less blog about it. Well, I’ve been missing out so much these days, it’s a wonder my tanks haven’t forgotten me yet. It’s a pleasant surprise to finally log in and have whispers coming in from various people, and a huge HI over guild channel. Sigh, WoW does makes me feel loved sometimes.. ^^ It’s just Blizz I hate.

They’re removing the Plagued and Black Protos from the achievements come 3.1. To me, that is utter crap. After sticking with my friends on a gearing guild rather than moving to a raiding one during BC, I’m as pissed as it is to have missed out on that Armani War Bear. Now, depriving me of the chance of these 2 beautiful creatures.. ( Like I mentioned, the Plagued is by far the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen..) I have to say, thanks Blizz for such ‘awesome’ news for the casual raider.


~ by sparklefreeze on April 3, 2009.

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