3.1 says Dual Spec!!


Yay! Dual speccs.. It comes as no surprise that I’m opting for PVE Holy/Disc once servers come up tonight. With Touch of Horror dropping for me in my last 25 Naxx pre-3.1, my Disc set is looking oh so sweet atm; even nicer than my Holy set I dare say. >.< Looking through the live patch notes for 3.1 again, I think I’m really bumped over the Serendipity nerf to Holy. Well, I’ll still go Holy the first couple of heroics and see how mana holds up before getting totally upset; else it’ll be the end of the road as Holy for me. The alternative however, is to go Holy raid support healer mode. That could potentially bring the fun back to Holy.

This is what my (14/57/00) Holy PVE specc is looking like for now.


With the loss of  Improved Holy Concentration, I guess no priest in the right mind is not gonna max out on Serendipity now. Spirit is back as the top sought after stat with the Holy Concentration revamp as is Crit for Surge of Light as usual. But what is really hurting now is the whole issue of Crit vs Haste. To be honest, there is simply no way you can have both of best worlds here; you just have got to choose. Pre 3.1, I’ve always been gunning for Crit and let the Haste come naturally on the gear. Sure that Empowered Renew is some sort of make-up to the loss in haste procs, but I’m just not too certain yet. Might just have to pull out all the haste gems I’ve been hoarding up for 3.1 after all. >.<

You might ask why I have 3 points in Test of Faith, but that’s always been mandatory for me due to my tank’s love of pulling whole rooms at a time. I would have preferred the old version of increased Crit vs increased SP because of the synergy of Surges and Holy.Conc that comes easy enough with my 25% crit chance, but Test of Faith right now looks ok, kinda like a mini Guardian Spirit at work. My advice; unless you do a lot of Main Tank healing and your tank takes hell a lot of damage.. It’s not a big thing to have since I do not forsee Holy Priests healing Main Tanks with the Disc tree making specialists in Single Target healing. Another option, get the Gylph of Guardian Spirit.

Freeing 1-3 points from Test of Faith, make an investment in Holy Reach instead. From the videos rolling out of the PTR, it sure looks like a variety of AoEs these bosses are dishing out. You do not want to be caught in some Nova or another trying to get in range of your tanks. Healing Prayers might do well for raid healers who use PoH often, especially if you’ve got a gylph for it as well; but I’m just not a fan. In fact, with the mana regen now being >.< and untested, I’m not sure PoH will be efficient HPS : Mana Cost compared to the improved CoH or Gylphed Holy Nova (40% +heal amt gylphed). Healing Focus is an old classic.. But I love my Holy Paladins for freeing up 2 points for me easily.

This is what my Disc Specc (55/16/00) is looking like atm..


http://ptr.wowhead.com/?talent=bVcbuhhVRIsffRtzxxc (Updated Version) (57/14/00)

When I first put my points in tonight for Disc and realised with 55 points, I’ve covered every last important thing.. I couldn’t believe it really. The freed points I’ve spent in Improved Renew under the Holy tree, thereby making most out of Mental Agility. Disc is really an awesome tree even with the Rapture changes. I don’t see Disc priests facing the mana problem Holy priests no doubt will have to work around. Soul Warding balances out the Rapture changes pretty well, plus I always have the Power Word: Shield Gylph on as Disc. The Renewed Hope revamp is really cute too, a mini Power Word: Barrier? Hahaz, well.. for 3% I guess it’s the idea that counts.

After looking at  some other blogs and their Disc speccs, I’ve made a few tweaks myself. I made a mistake in my original calculator with that point in Silent Resolve I thought necessary to open another tier. I’ve now opted to put it into Focused Will for more crit. ^^ Being quite a perfectionist, I couldn’t stand seeing Focused Will at (1/3). I’ve therefore pulled 2 point out of Imp. Renew to max it out. Despite the reduced cost of Renew from Mental Agility, I figured I wouldn’t have time to pop many Renews with the gylphed Penance.

Biggest thing happening in Disc? Penance on self-cast!! OMG, this is really really big for PVP and it sure is tempting me to get back on the arena floor. Other than that, Improved Flash Heal is another talent that’s edging on being OP. I can’t help thinking.. If I go out of the way to proc every last possible crit proc.. Might I just brush the big 50%? Hmm, maybe, just for kicks.. I might try lol, with every food buff, every elixir.. even the Ebonweave cloth buff lol. But this is really really exciting.


~ by sparklefreeze on April 14, 2009.

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