Extended Maintainence is no surprise..


Here I am staying up to have a look at the Argent Tournament when servers come live; and Blizz proves again they can never grasp the concept of punctuality. Oh well, I popped by the forums in my suddenly spare time to get a quick update on the dramas that have been brewing recently and guess what, it’s the whole saga of the Black & Plagued Protos that’s upsetting the WoW community. Needless to say, I am equally pissed off with the unexpected announcement as well. It’s just soo much of a let-down really.

We over at Nagrand aren’t a bunch of hard-core raiders. To be honest, just 3 horde guilds have been spotting those drakes over the landing though there are a whole lot more others with the Undying title. It’s not justified to use the whole “we removed the ZA bear too.. same rationale” argument for this. For one, 3.1 hit us like some lottery and we had 1 freaking day to react; a Tuesday to boot. How, tell me just how.. would you get to run Naxx this 1 last time before the server shutdown even if you were missing 1 achievement for the drake? Stupid Blizz acting all coy about 3.1 was just plain stupid. You at least give people a reasonable deadline to content themselves with.

I don’t agree with the whole thing about the drakes being a reward for people who worked hard for them either. Whether you get the achievements today or next year, you work just as hard for it. In fact, us less geared and less skilled raiders work even harder than those attuned players to get there. If we’re measuring effort, I don’t believe being less skilled should be a penalty. We wiped in Naxx more times than I can count just to get to KT. That we never gave up and pushed on is what is real effort.

Sure Ulduarr gear will likely make Naxx a stroll in the park, but it has been suggested a gear cap be put on the achievements. I think that’s only fair and can be done. Blizz now says it’s a matter of keeping the drakes rare.. Crap really, you might as well make them bloody silver elites that fly around Storm Peaks then. What is really depressing is that they are removing the drakes totally from the game. I could accept a drop rate of 1 in 10,000 if that’s rare enough for Blizz. Just don’t dash all hopes like this, at least leave us some way to still get it, even if it means running Naxx a million times. Hey, we still go to ZG for that tiger and raptor.. Even if it’s the 1000th time, the 10,000th time..

The fact that the drakes are 310% speed is really not an issue to me; I never even realised to be honest. It’s prolly a guy thing to buy a car for horsepower over beauty, but trust me.. When a girl falls in love, she is in love no matter what.. And I am in love; I’ve always loved the Plagued Protos ever since I saw them in Storm Peaks tending their eggs. Make the post 3.1 drakes normal speed, I don’t even care. I just love how beautifully pinkish they are with the purplish tinge on their underbellies. It simply crushes me to know I can never have it now. Even if I do get those metal-plated protos from the Ulduarr achievements, I’d trade them in for a Plagued anytime. At least make that an option Blizz, then you bet I’ll be in Ulduarr from Day 1 doing ridiculous achievements. You must understand, there is simply no compromise on what a girl really wants.


~ by sparklefreeze on April 14, 2009.

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