Week 1 in Ulduar >.<


So ok, I figured on Wednesday that I just had to see Ulduar for myself and all its awesomeness no matter what. So 10 of us brave souls ventured inside without as much as a very vague idea of what plan we might have. The goal? We were thinking 2 – 3 bosses in a estimated 4 hour adventure. I have to say.. We’ve been hyped and over-confident before in those MC days aye? Ulduar gave us all the most unfriendly welcome in 2 expansions combined. This is what raiding truly is about lol. Multiple wipes aside, I really like that place with the beautiful architecture, the epic-ness of it’s sheer size and scale.. And may I say, the most innovative fight designs since MC days.

It took us an whole hour reaching Flame Leviathan because we just weren’t sure what the towers were all about or where.. Until we realised there is now such a thing called Dungeon Maps! Flame Levi went down really easy after that, I don’t even think we kited him much over the tar. Me and a mage did the turrets just once before he went boom, snagging for us the achievement “Take Out Those Turrets”. Some things to note; we wiped it up the 1st attempt because unaware we had engaged Flame Levi, some of our vehicles didn’t make it into the room before the lockout. Another thing, my mage DPS from the ground after killing turrets while waiting for his ride.. That got him KO-ed real quick.

Ulduar after Flame Leviathan is where it really all starts. The hurtfest in the form of the Molten Colossus is almost close to unhealable what with the massive AoE damage, the pyros, the knockback from quakes, the severe hammering of the tanks.. It took us 5 wipes to finally get those 2 down. What we did was to really separate them and burn the first down really really quick. We had 3 healers in that day, 2 holy priests and a tree. Yet this was already pushing the limits quite a bit. It was at this juncture I realised I’m gonna need that Gylph of Prayer of Healing and that 2 points in Test of Faith moved to Healing Prayers. PoM proved to be the most mana-efficient spell I used that day with every single of my 6 charges used up in between the life-giving PoHs.

Further down the corridor to Ignis, Magma Ragers were equal pains to kill; 3 sets of them to boot. >.< Is it me, or are those superheated winds impossible to outrun? The only way to live I figured, was to run the moment you see them spawn. Just turn tail and run! Problem is, you don’t want to be trapped in between 2 of those things. Like the winds in the ZA Zul Jin encounter, they hit you multiple times and bounce you all over the place til you drop dead. Trash wipes like these really leaves everyone feeling more than deflated. My tank was elated though; he’d always complained how easy WoW had become over the course of the expansions. I just thank god this trash is so getting nerfed with 3.1.1 out tonight! Yay!.

Ignis himself was a really fun boss, looks more scary than he really is. You can actually heal yourself in the hot pocket. That was how I snagged another achievement, “Hot Pocket” for myself, Day 1 in Ulduar.. I was pretty pleased with that lol. We didn’t down him in the end just cause the trash cost us so much time, we had all but 1 shot at this giant. I love how the fight mechanics go and it’s just a matter of practise before we nail this one. He does hit real hard though, but that’s getting a nerf tonight too. In between the AoE damage and huge hits the tank has to eat, I can’t decide if Disc or Holy is the way to go.. It’s actually the same for all of Ulduar to be honest; I just can’t really decide.

We tried Razorscale twice that night as well. Once someone accidentally engaged talking to the NPC and we just went ahead for the ride with no strategy in mind. The fight was easy to grasp for regular raiders. Just a matter of trash waves, switch phases, rinse and repeat. We did fairly well both shots but on hindsight, we should have timed the harpoons better to  maximise DPS for the down phase. The waves of trash dealt fairly decent damage with the lightning chains which we should have also tried to disrupt, but what really handicapped us there was that we had 2 warriors tanking that night. >.< You really do need an AoE tank for that proto-drake encounter. Without one, I did my fair share of tanking iron dwarves and fearing both tries. Blizzard’s done a great job training us to know better than stand in the face of dragons. That saved us on deaths by breath easy enough.

All in all, I love Ulduar and I can’t wait to get back in tomorrow for more hurtfest. It’s a real test of how well healers are coping with damage inc from all over the place. Disc or Holy? I’m thinking Holy first because every single pull seems to see raid damage rather than single target ones. Disc will prolly have a spot in 25man, but I’m not yet seeing an extra slot in 10man for Disc over Holy.  More to come after I revisit Ulduar hopefully tomorrow. And we’ll see if those nerfs in 3.1.1 will get our morale back up high where it really should be. =)


~ by sparklefreeze on April 21, 2009.

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