Another Ulduar Post


I’m losing interest in the whole Flame Leviathon event + boss fight. This week, we did it twice; once on main raid and a second as an alt loot run. Is it true that it makes a difference if you talk to Brann rather than the Lore-Keeper? We talked to the latter on our earlier alt run and we never managed to get him down to less than 60% despite having destroyed all the towers. After a night of wipes at what was supposedly the one boss you could do w/o a strategy in Ulduar, people simply started dropping from the raid one by one. It was after I calmed down after than disappointing run that me and a guildy went through our combat logs, only to realise we had engaged Flame Levi at a cool 21million hitpoints. I promptly went to research online, and this was what Stratsfu said about “Setting a Difficulty”. I really really could have killed myself after the realisation. After the sheer stupidity as seen in the alt run, I had Brann marked with a huge skull on the main raid run as some kind of double insurance.

Regrettably, I didn’t get a chance to play with Ignis the Cutesy this week. With my partner Holy priest being MIA for the past week, I really didn’t wanna risk Ulduar with unfamiliar people in the mix. As a result, Ulduar happened only on a Monday night like some last ditch attempt to use up the raid ID save just coz it seemed such a waste. We had a couple of shots at Razorscale though, and boy was she awesome. I had display settings tuned up for the fight to see the blue flames and that was when I realised just how beautiful this thing is. I am so getting a new computer with an over-the-top graphic card lol. It’s sad the boss doesn’t drop a mount just like itself. 😦 Speaking of which, I have yet to have seen the stupid blue one drop in UP. Now in comparison to Razorscale, the blue looks so cartoonish..

Razorscale healing was truly truly hectic. It was all down to the DPS to CC or interrupt the chain lightning as best as they could while we struggled to top people up admist blue flame damage, fireballs, cleaves.. I’m undecided as to the debate over whether to assist/focus fire or simply AoE adds down. The waves of adds being that relentless, I’m sure the tanks are really in a tight spot just trying to taunt everything to them to consider tanking Sentinels and Watchers separately. We got Razorscale down to about 27% on our best attempt. Pure bad luck had it that both healers were moving out of damage the instant she breathed on the tank stacked with the debuff 2 times over. We never got that close again for the rest of the night with people dying to flames, me dc-ing in one..

But the hurtfest aside, I still really like Ulduar for the challenge it throws in my face. I really blamed myself for dying to the flames in Razorscale, or getting hit by Flame Jet in a chopper. Unforgiving as Ulduar is, I have to admit there is simply no space in a raid for floaters. It is not that I do not want to bring guildies in to experience the fights, but rather that I simply can’t. You prove your worth if you want to see Ulduar, and by that it does mean DPS no less of a consistent 2500. That value is already lenient I feel, with peers insisting on a cool 3k for admission.  Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures; and Ulduar is indeed a very special place to be.


~ by sparklefreeze on April 28, 2009.

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