The Val’anyr Hype

valanyrWell, the LEGENDARY healing mace every class of healer is very interested in. To be honest, I just find it such a hassle to get. I’d much prefer a boss to actually drop the damn thing than a fragment of it after I go through all that trouble for a kill. But but, after taking a good long look at the proc with this mace.. I have to say, I feel proud being a Disc priest; that’s basically what this whole mace is really! See, the idea of bubbles, mitigation.. Doesn’t it scream Disc priest in every sense? But sadly, it is for this very reason that Disc priests are gonna be put last on the list for a roll on this amazing item.

Why you ask? Well, that’s because this mace offers nothing amazingly novel or cool to a Disc priest. Sure the stats says Crit and justifies a Disc priest rolling for it. But, honestly.. will you actually have fun with it? This mace may look like it has an edge in numbers at first; the shield does cap at 20k, that’s twice of what our Divine Aegis cap is. But think again, DA shields for 30% of what is healed, that’s twice of what this mace does. Considering a Disc priest’s heals to be slightly on the smaller side, I’d say DA wins here hands down.

What does excite me about this mace though, is how this makes for a version of a Power Word: Barrier to become possible. See, getting the buff to proc would shield everyone you manage to heal/ overheal. Hehez, that just means I’m gonna CoH, Holy Nova, PoM, Renew.. Even PoH if I’m that keen to see the whole raid bubbled up. In theory, the buff can happen every 45secs.. So, that could mean a whole lot of fun indeed. DA breaks my heart sometimes when PoH happens to not crit on just 1 person in raid, dashing my hopes of seeing 10 bubbles up at the same time.

Sigh, forums are rife with Paladins claiming the mace was made for them (therefore they get to ninja shards ‘rightfully’). Sadly, I think I have to agree. What with their crazily huge heals, I can see how much their shield procs can potentially amount to. In fact, the function of this mace even complements their healing style. The mitigation makes up for what they do not have in terms of HoTs and instant heals that other healing classes use to buy time in between heal casts.

The debate is still on going.. but what’s your take on this? The priest community must now be suffering from a bout of short-term depression with the 3.1.2 patch notes announcing the first nerfs to the Disc tree in the indirect form of the Penance gylph revamp and the direct watering down of Soul Warding. Maybe tell me, how can I convince my GM that this legendary mace has my name stamped all over it rather than that pesky Paladin drooling in the corner? That would lighten things up a bit for me surely.

P.S: Yay! I popped by Matt’s right after I had this draft from a few days back posted finally and read the latest on the Penance gylph nerf.. It’s not gonna happen after all! YAY! Seriously.. I was literally in tears when I read that bit on the 3.1.2 patch notes earlier in the week. Just couldn’t believe how Blizz could mess with my rotation AGAIN with the CD changes. But YAY! Now I’m really happy.. 🙂 but wait, still not so happy as to pass a shard to the pally. 😛


~ by sparklefreeze on May 6, 2009.

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