“PuG-ing” Ulduar

Ok, deal is my guild’s too casual for me to want to venture into Ulduar with them. Solution? I get a couple of friends from all over, pug in a few decent looking DPS and form a Ulduar group. You must think it’s nuts to PuG Ulduar, but chill.. It’s just 10man lol. And truth is, I do know more than half of these people.. like we’re fast friends. =) I’m also glad to say, those who aren’t are fast becoming my new pals too! We did 5hrs over 2 raid days and cleared the way to Iron Council. I’m really happy with the progression for a PuG. Though we’re really limited in terms of getting everyone to agree on a time slot for the raid, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Talking about healing now.. We brought in 2 shammies and myself, a holy priest for all 5 bosses. I found the hardest boss to heal to be.. Kologarn! Gosh that fight is some real fun. Personally, I started off healing in arenas and hence, have this annoying habit of running around all the time while healing. I love fights like this that justifies my running around lol. Razorscale is another such fight. My lappy’s graphic card’s too strained to afford tuned-up spell effects.. So, how do I avoid the blue flames? I just never stand in the same spot for more than 1 cast.. =) That is possibly why I fail as a tank on my Paladin.. I hate standing still.

Getting technical now.. For the Kologarn fight, we had the group separated into healers, casters and melee. We had 2 DKs + 2 tanks in that night, making for just 3 caster DPS that we huddled in the right corner facing the boss. We healers chose to stay right in the middle of the action. This is what we did when the beams started to chase us.. The casters simply went from right to left, in front of the healers in the middle.. and back again when they were eyed. Healers backed out of the room in a zigzag manner to outrun the beams and got back in range once they faded away. Just like that, we managed the fight easy enough. In between stonegrips, beams, adds.. The healing casts never stopped for me. Mana conservation was an issue, but it never got so bad that I had to pot. In fact, I didn’t use any mana pots in Ulduar. More often that not, a fiend + hymm + torrent macroed tgt was enough to bring me from 20% to full again.

Ignis was the next most challenging fight with the widespread AoE damage to the raid. Wipes did happen when healers happened to get spell-locked together once or twice. I noticed though that Flame Jet can be resisted and there were a couple of times I didn’t get thrown in the air at all. Unfortunately, Flame Jet can also bug and lock your spells out even if you haven’t been casting; but that’s not too often that it becomes some major pain. I think all in all, you have to gauge.. I didn’t mind getting locked out if it meant propping a tank up from near death during Flame Jet. I simply trusted the other 2 healers to have things under control without me for a while. Healing the adds tank was a major challenge in that fight. You have to have him marked prominently!! Else range becomes a real issue when he has to run all over and kite the adds to the water. Thank god for the indicators on the minimaps now really. It gets so difficult spotting the tank with so much happening that the only real way to see where the hell he’s gone.. Is to look for that pink dot on the mini-map ( my adds tank happened to be a pally), rather than try scanning for him amidst all that flame sprouting all around Ignis. More than once, I did have to run through Ignis and the flames to get to my tank. But don’t be afraid to do that, flame damage dealt to self that way is easily healable as long as you do not stand in a patch to cast.

All in all, PoH is a major spell I used to heal most of Ulduar. PoM is also a really efficent spell in the zone. Despite what I thought about speccing for Healing Prayers after I saw how much PoH accounted for in my first WWS for Ulduar, I’ll say now that it isn’t as necessary as I first assumed. Looking through all the theorycraft that came out after 3.1, I took up the suggested 1.4 :1 int vs spirit ratio that World of Snarkcraft reccomended. That helped boost my mana pool to a cool 19k unbuffed.. Resulting in ppl mistaking me for a Disc priest on first glance hehez. My group helped with raid buffs such as Kings, MOTW, boomkin aura that benefited Holy Conc.. and Arcane Brilliance. Of course the shammies helped with their mana totems as well. That made it possible for me to forgo flasking Mojo in favor of Frost Wyrm and eat Haste food/ SP food over Crit food.

Loot wise, I picked up a cool new belt from Razorscale, Binding of the Dragon Matriarch which helped boost some base stats higher.. =) Finally getting around to do Malygos on 10man this week, I got my Torque of the Red Dragonflight at long last as well. I’m a happy girl this week no doubt, but Tuesday’s just round the corner.. More good stuffs ahead!! So, happy raiding this week everyone. Live long and Prosper!!

P.S. Go watch Star Trek this week guys, it’s AWESOME! =)


~ by sparklefreeze on May 11, 2009.

4 Responses to ““PuG-ing” Ulduar”

  1. Nice summary. Interesting the PoH is getting a lot of use. Maybe the 2 piece T8 bonus isn’t so bad after all.

    A Torque not a Lifebinders Locket?

  2. =( yes, a Torque.. PuG-ed 25Naxx all the way as well.. And I nv roll more than 50 on any damn item.. It’s that sad.

  3. Kologarn is pretty intense due to the raid damaage when we first did it, it gets easier though, especially if you get the same people back in there with you.

    Iron Council was horrible for my mana regen, but after regeming and reglyphin, it was much much much easier. I ended the fight with full mana.

    Hodir – This dude is some of the most intensive healing I have done, We wiped for 3 hours before we finally got em down. I am interested to see how you fair on him.

    Nice blog, I will be back fo sho…

  4. Ooh, tell me more abt the glyphing and gemming you did for Iron Council! The 3 of them gave us some hell on the couple of tries we had before we called it off for the night.

    Just wondering if they’re really that evil to require a gem/gylph overhaul. >.<

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