Hodir and me!


I love Hodir! No yucks.. I HATE Hodir. It’s a healer’s nightmare; utter nightmare. And it’s really bad playing on my 3 year old laptop. I can’t afford tuned up spell details really and that’s prolly why I’m totally missing the icicle runes.. =( But I’m trying.. by running around in circles all the time lol. I can’t decide if being Disc or Holy is better for this fight. TBH, I find I’m doing more heals as Disc than Holy despite CoH being really useful at times. Hmm, undecided still.. But anyways, let’s sum up the reasons why I hate Hodir so much.

1. FREEZE = Fast Mass Dispelling on my part

I hate this because it doesn’t show on any UI as aggro who is the epicenter of it. And because I’m running in circles, sometimes they’re just so far away.. =( In fact, sometimes I just find dispelling 1 by 1 to be faster. I’m also thinking if it’s a good idea to have ppl make sure they are 10yards away from each other to avoid the damage chaining. Maybe, think of it as KT Frost Blasts. But with so many things to avoid in the Hodir fight, I think nobody will have time to glance at the /range box.

TIP: As Disc, you can speed Mass Dispel up with Borrowed Time. Bubbling takes just 1 GCD which when you calculate with 0 lag.. Is faster. Plus, a bubble on whoever never hurts in the Hodir fight.

2. ICICLES over my head when Hodir’s mad

Ok, I really find it hard to see the snow falling on me. It’s like some parallax error, I think it’s on me, but in fact it’s 10 yards in front of me.. >.< This has everything to do with my crappy graphic card. But working around it, I think the best way is to keep moving constantly. I absolutely hate the knockback component to the icicle; as if the damage is not enough really. To make matters worse, I find Frozen Blow damage to be inc on the tail of an icicle.. EVERYTIME. Makes for certain death for me.

Ok, if as Holy, be prepared with a X3 Serendipity PoH but hold it off at the start of Frozen Blows, topping up instead with a newly casted PoM and CoH before unleashing the PoH. Time it right and Serendipitty won’t have run out and your PoH will prop the DPS up enough such that they’ll be at half life or more after the mad phase. Stand at a fire once DBM counts down Frozen Blows CD and be prepared!

3. ICICLES falling on my toasty fires

You guys notice how icicles will always fall on top of those damn fires? The AI of this game is too much really.. Now ice got a mind of its own. These days when I see a toasty fire, I’m half hesitant to get near it.. Those damn mages really must learn to put them in a better spot. But that aside, I love those spots of orange in that disgustingly blue room. I wonder if you can use it to cook up a Fish Feast.. Hmm.. But still, this is why you do not just keep jumping on the spot to avoid Biting Cold stacking; Icicles have brains.. Think of it in that way.

TIP: You’ll need to have PROJECTED TEXTURES ticked in your video settings to see the runes that form on thr ground indicating an icicle is about to fall down. This I finally could afford to do after I got a new laptop. =) Runes are always centered around a raid target, so try not to stack with others.

4. BITING COLD = eating my Imperial Manta Steak

Well, I managed a couple of GHs without getting the debuff. That usually happens with Borrowed Time or a trinky procc-ed haste or Serendipity. But GH doesn’t really have a place in the Hodir fight, it’s really more about instant casts with this debuff. CoH, Empowered Renew, PoM, Gylph of Power Word: Shield, Penance, Surge of Light.. I FH-ed most of the Hodir fight after eating my fish as Holy doing MT heals. But to be honest, if raid heals can be managed well by the others, it’s a good idea to go Disc for MT healing because..

5. FROZEN BLOWS squishing my tank

You really need Grace for this. Else there will be periods of standing still and spamming heals to keep a tank from certain death. Frost gear does help a whole lot here, but still.. My tank lasted much longer when I was healing as Disc although the DPS suffered a bit for it. Raid healers will have their hands tied with the DPS taking constant damage, so don’t expect them to chip in to help with the MT often. Most of the time, it’s just you, the tank and Hodir with the DPS dancing in the background.

TIP: Always bubble for the Renewed Hope buff as Disc. BINDING HEAL. Make sure you of all ppl keep alive as a healer.

Other than all that, there’s of course the Flash Freeze routine that gets easy with practice. I like how that component of the fight works though, it’s cute.. and runs throughout Ulduar. Remember the trash spawning red runes, Iron Council runes etc? Yup, it just all ties in nicely to remind people they’re birds of the same feather.

Mana was also not an issue for me for the Hodir fight though it is a relatively long fight compared to the others. To sum up, it’s just about surviving longer than Hodir to win. A lot is happening at any 1 point of the fight, so a clean UI is a must-have so you can see who got Freezed, where the fires are, where the runes are, where the snow is falling.. It is also much easier to land a Mass Dispel on a clean screen than one cluttered with irrelevant addons. Usually, I’d just have Grid + Clique running for Hodir. That’s really all the tools you’ll need for this.


~ by sparklefreeze on May 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hodir and me!”

  1. Your making me made!!

  2. Hodir, get over it!

  3. Yea, Hodir. I’am trying to sleep!!

  4. Will all three shut up!

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