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Annie's Raid UI

This is how my UI looks like for raids. I think some tweaks are still needed.. But I love keeping it pretty and functional at the same time. Spent loads of time aligning stuff up for this lol. >.<

Why have both Grid & X-perl?

Sometimes Grid is too minimalistic; and that’s why I like it in the first place. I have it configured to show important things like KT Frost Blasts, diseases, dispels.. in icons and other painful stuff like poisons in words. Because Grid is so compact, it makes for very fast dispelling etc. That is the main function of Grid to me. I also use it to track PoM, Shields, Renew. Probably what I love best about Grid is how sensitive it is to aggro. That’s how I have DPS bubbled before they eat a cleave etc.

I have X-perl up to see things like hp/mana values to decide who really needs the next heal. for instance, Grid would show a Retadin and a Mage health deficit by % when in fact, the Retadin may well have another 6k hp while the mage is hovering at 1k. AFter healing a while with Grid, the experience ticks in and then X-perl would become redundant for this. That’s why I always have options loaded to remove this frame as need be. (etc. in a regular raid where you know everyone)

I also don’t fancy using the Grid plugins to show mana bars etc. So X-perl is for me to monitor how my healers are holding up, who to throw an innervate to, when to use Hymm of Hope etc. Another nice thing about X-perl is how totally obvious it shows a dead player. I always somehow miss it on Grid and that’s bad because I need to know if my healers are down to make necessary swaps mid-fight.

Another nice thing about X-perl is that it shows raid pets and vehicles. In this case, I mean Malygos and Flame Levi fights specifically. Grid does provide this as well, but during these fights, what I do is to have X-perl show the vechicles and pets and have Grid focused on players for a more organised view. That’s just personal preference I guess. I also find it easier to heal on X-perl on these fights prolly because Grid is so compact, it’s hard to see whose pet each grid represents. That’s kinda bad when you have a split second to save that guy Malygos has his eye on.


~ by sparklefreeze on May 25, 2009.

5 Responses to “UI Post”

  1. Hey, how come you have raid frames and grid set up? Whats the point of having both?

    I notice lots of people have both but I can’t see why.

    Gobble gobble.

  2. Hope that answers the query. Was too long as a comment so I simply updated in the post.

  3. Ah fair enough. Each to their own.

    I have Grid displaying health loss as numbers not percentage and of course the actual grid cell displaying a graphical health bar. I use GridManaBars or whatever it is called for displaying mana. I had a low mana warning set up too but I never found a use for it so I turned it off.

    The default Grid set up which fades dead players works fine for me. It also displays pets and vehicles fine.

    I guess its mainly just personal preference as you said. I go for a very minimalist display. If I don’t use something I tend to turn it off, like low mana warnings i mentioned above. My screen real estate is also less than yours (i.e. smaller resolution).

    What is the buff display addon on the top left? I’ve seen a few using that. Looks pretty decent.

    Is that Omen on the right there? Do you display that when healing?

    Gobble gobble.

  4. The buff addon in pic is called Elkano Buff Bars. I have it configured in 4 parts, Self Buffs/Tracking/Environmental Auras, Friendly Player Buffs, Debuffs, Procs & Impt Player Buffs (etc. Bloodlust).

    Omen & Recount are unnecessary addons when healing but I’ve aligned them up in my screen anyways. I tend to display Omen on Emalon because it won’t be the first time an add came chasing me. Grid shows aggro fine as well; as does Natur Cast Bars, Omni CC when config-ed.

  5. […] I’ve tried Pitbull and I must say it is very very flexible in terms of configuration. However, it is my preference that I use these addons instead. X-perl for details, Grid for simplicity. Additionally, I always heal on the Grid frames, X-perl is for reference. (More explaining in previous UI Post) […]

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