UI Sum-Up

Ok, so I realise just providing a screen shot isn’t exactly the most useful thing for people who are looking to revamp their healing interface. So now, a breakdown on what I use, and possibly why..

Note: I do like to play with my UI and customise it for the raid I’m attending. In some cases, I might have X-perl frames disabled or just showing pets/vehicles. In others, certain action bars might get hidden to free up more space to see spell effects. Of course Omen and Recount are shown in this pic because I was posing for a UI shot. Other frames might include a /range frame, a player frame so I remember to heal myself etc.

So if you’re looking for a standard UI to use for every raid, this is probably not it because it won’t align properly. (etc. you notice there is no space for x-perl to display raid vehicles if it wants to)

Annie's 25 VoA UI

Standard Addons

Unit Frames: X-perl & Grid

I’ve tried Pitbull and I must say it is very very flexible in terms of configuration. However, it is my preference that I use these addons instead. X-perl for details, Grid for simplicity. Additionally, I always heal on the Grid frames, X-perl is for reference. (More explaining in previous UI Post)

Buff Monitor: Elkano Buff Bars

I have mine configured to segegrate my buffs and debuffs into parts. 1st, I have Self Buffs such as food buffs & Fort, DS, Inner Fire displayed along with other defaults like Armistice @ AT, Mounts, Find Fish etc. This is mainly so that I can find my own buffs in the midst of all the raid buffs and monitor them better.  2nd I have Raid Buffs. 3rd comes the Debuffs. 4th I have Procs such as Surge of Light, Holy Conc, Serendipity, Trinky Procs etc. I also configured to have buffs like Bloodlust, Innervate, Hymm of Hope show in this frame.

Elkano is an awesome addon to use for buff monitoring because it is highly customisable. You can choose to blacklist or whitelist individual buffs in the different frames and also create a monitor for your target’s buffs/debuffs that will come in very handy for arena. This feature also works for Focus targets and Pets.

Floating Combat Text: SCT (Scrolling Combat Text)

This addon reminds me of Serendipity procs etc because I configured to have it thrown in the middle of the screen screaming at me. You might ask why have this when I have Elkano to monitor procs. I have both because SCT screams at me to notice, and then I look at Elkano to decide how long I can hold back that Surge of Light before it expires.I also like the feature that shows me how much I overheal for vs effective heal. Very nice to know I just beat some other healer to a heal.. =P Hahaz, not really. But seeing the actual values of your heals helps you make better decisions as this can vary raid to raid depending on what buffs people are bringing to the table. It’s called real time information collection.

Raiding/Boss Mod: Deadly Boss Mods

This one needs no explaining. I have Bar 2 configured to be right above my Quartz cast bar so there is no way over my dead body I’ll miss another Iron Council Overload. I’ve been using DBM for a really long time.. so to the BigWigs converts, I must say, convince me.. =P

Cast Bars: Natur Cast Bars & Quartz

I use Quartz to display my self-casting bar. I like it because it shows my latency, estimated time for a heal to land and also the GCD sparkle. This helps me know when is the last moment I can hit my /stopcasting macro or whether a lag spike is so bad I’d do better to recast a FH to save a tank. Quartz has several other features such as Swing timers for melee which I find utterly useful on my Retadin. Quartz also has mirrors to monitor impt buffs and debuffs CDs but I’ve disabled these in favor of Elkano and..

Natur Enemy Cast Bars. I’ve been in love since my arena days. That’s why this is a constant feature on my UI despite many other quality addons that can replace it. It is just my preference to have the information like how long more before a mage can Ice-Block, a pally can Divine Shield.. So if they do die in a raid.. I can always say, why didn’t you use it?! And they’ll be very impressed that I somehow know it was available on CD.

Action Bars Replacement: Dominos

It’s sleek, easy to configure, a breeze to play around with. Bartender might be just as good, but I’m comfortable with how Dominos works with beautifying addons like Button Facade etc. You might notice on the right of Grid how I have a bar made for emergency buttons and the all important mana strudels. That’s just in case I panic. It’s not normally shown because I do play around with my bars raid to raid. Guardian Spirit, Pain Supression, Power Infusion, Inner Focus, Arcane Torrent, consumables etc all end up in this bar from time to time. Another bar you do not see is a Mount/Pet bar that I have made because I am a fanatic and like to keep my favs on hand for easy summoning.. =)

CoolDown Timer: OmniCC

Because I’m blind. The huge numbers this addon provides on the buttons is absolutely a staple of mine. There was this once I had to raid with no addons on a new computer.. And OmniCC is the very next addon I truly felt handicapped without apart from Clique. You might think it’s an overstatement.. But to those who have been using it for a while, disable it for a day and you’ll get what I mean.

Click-Cast: Clique

Very very user-friendly to configure and a godsend when you switch between Disc and Holy in the middle of raid. Works with any unit frame or nameplates even. But I’d say it needs to provide more key binding options because I’ve used them all, limited by my standard mouse.

DPS/Healing Meters: Recount & Recount Guessed Absorbs

Ok, it’s not for my ego that I enable Recount even though it uses so much add-on memory. Typically, I use it to answer the question, “How did the tank die?”. I do also use it to see which of the DPS is taking more damage than usual (might be a lag day for them) and take more pains to shield them etc. Guessed Absorbs is to help Disc priests get on top of healing meters for once. This does help in a way to evaluate their effectiveness in relation to the other healers. I would say WoW Meters Online or WWS paints a more accurate picture and I do always combat log. But Recount is the answer to realtime information.

Other Addons

Threat Meter: Omen

Raid Assist: oRA2

Info Bar: Titan Panel

Chat: Prat & WIM

Mini Map: Sexy Map

Lootlist: Atlas Loot Enhanced

Recommended Tryouts

Healing Raid Frames: VuhDo

This is an all-in-one healer’s UI. Inclusive of  built-in raidframes, click-cast, buff monitor, aggro monitor, decursive and raid manager. Highly customisable and saves you configuring seperate addons for all these features.

Smart Heals Bars: Visual Heal

This will display a seperate healing bar to show who else has inc heals to your target so as to prevent your overheals. This works best if all your raid healers have it installed or specifically if they have the file LibHealComm-3.0 in their folder.


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