Spilling Wow into RL..

Sigh, my bf is an utter WoW addict; a hard-core raider. There is not 15minutes I can ever have a conversation with him without it going THERE. Yes, there being how mimi was being a major pain that day, the gory details of guild dramas, the awesome dalaran lag.. It’s just endless; and truth is that I sit through it, hearing it but not exactly listening.. just nodding in sync. >.< Being a casual raider, I really appreciate my freedom to take a few days off WoW whenever I feel like it without the guild leadership going ballistic at me when I come back for causing them a day or two behind raid progression.

RL>WoW is an equation that my bf blurted out himself but can’t seem to truly comprehend. It’s kinda sad because we’re maintaining a long-distance relationship and WoW’s becoming the thread that’s keeping us together; and tbh I hate to admit that coz it’s just so pathetic. But then again, sometimes I’m glad of it. Raiding together is like some other couple playing some sport together etc.  To be fair, I met this amazing guy through the game, so I really have no business to be hating it now lol.

Well, I play healer and he plays tank. Kinda a classic thing for couples on WoW aye. I tease him for healing like crap on his alt healer and he steals gold out of my account when I’m away. We argue when a raid goes horribly wrong and he blames it on heals.. I sulk a lot and make him apologize in raid chat. Sigh, it’s a tricky balance when we raid together.. I just sometimes wonder if it’s really such a good thing.


~ by sparklefreeze on June 29, 2009.

One Response to “Spilling Wow into RL..”

  1. Sure you can hate WoW now. Just cause I met my significant other at a nightclub doesn’t mean I have to still love clubbing now.

    RL > WoW is more than just about saying it. I’m slightly addicted to WoW, but in five years time I won’t be playing it. I will however still want to be with my partner.

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