This week in Ulduar..

I encountered a MA hybrid raid healer. God damn.. All he does is spam PoH on freaking trash and oomphing within 3minutes of any fight. Sigh, and I thought at least this tactic would work for Hodir and Kolo.. Sadly, he not only spams PoH, but sucks at timing them right! And that’s maybe because he didn’t have a single point in Serendipity but had them in weird talents like Matrydom!! Gah, had the worse night ever because I had to take it upon myself to be in the melee/tank group for aoe heals. =( I like to bloody relax.. not sweat as my group teethers on the edge of life and death constantly.

Like I thought, MA hybrids are useless in a 10man setting. Bob talked about hero-syndrome in his latest post.. and I did think I’m guilty as charged. Then again, when you think about a 10man raid setup.. You had better personally make sure you see your heals make those green bars climb up; because there just isn’t gonna be anyone else landing a PoH after yours should you mis-time it.. Piff.


~ by sparklefreeze on July 18, 2009.

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