@ 5am on a Thursday

I just got home from a night of clubbing.. and suddenly, I just feel like I want to raid again. Hmm, I’ve really been missing from the raiding scene on my server for a fair bit now. Doesn’t really help that because of that, I get a tonne load of pm when I do log in at intervals to clear mail etc. But, what I’m saying is, I actually feel like raiding again! Phew, I should have known when I agreed to do a 25 Maly/Naxx a couple of days back that my spirit is back in the game. =)

So looking forward to Friday in Ulduar this week. Hard modes maybe? Hmm.. and I may finally get some gear this time. It’s been a serious gear drought for me with 6/10 rolling on my T8s every raid. Oh wells, and for some weird twisted reason, everyone seems to think I’m T8-ed out! Gah, might be time to go easy on the heals.. Must be because I’m beating them lame T8.5-ed healers out on Recount. Sigh, and I just landed myself an invite to another raiding guild.. >.< I.. just never saw the appeal really. Why can’t I just be pugged into the 25? Am usually not into gear too much lol, I’m fine with the leftovers really.. But guild drama? Please just spare me lol.


~ by sparklefreeze on July 29, 2009.

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