Wake-up call..


We went back to doing Iron Council last Ulduar after we downed all the keepers. It’s been, say a month, that I haven’t done the IC fight. I was never a fan of it really; I don’t like Iron Dwarves very much and I also don’t get why dwarves, giants and vyruls are the best of pals. Ok, despite my DK announcing he was going for dinner and AFK-ing without permission, we decided to 9man it. I think we all thought IC was gonna be routine and boring when we first started.. Yet it was the 5th try of the night with 4 wipes behind us with a full raid. I wasn’t optimistic we could miraculously 9man it with a new tank and a brand new heal team now. I returned ‘YES’ on the ready check, very much prepared to wipe and call for an EOR. IC that night with 9 proved to be the most agonizing fight I’ve done in a long while. It’s almost like the 3 of them punishing our complacence for thinking they’re so easy, we leave them to the last every raid.. as if it’s a waste of our time. Hell, I totally see IC in a different light now.

To start with, I didn’t have a paladin tanking that night, therefore I had to dispel. That didn’t go so well because at first. I took a try to get the timing down; then the tank kept dying to the aftermath of a Runic Punch since the other healer simply didn’t follow through with the big heals.. Just utterly messed up at the front of the room. That day, IC made me realise how 1 GCD can wipe a raid, how the lack of chemistry among healers is fatal, how being spoilt big time by my paladin tank has far-fetched consequences. In the end, I bubbled and PoM-ed my tank before the dispel for additional assurance. I hate new heal teams and reactive healers.

IC that night woke me up to the harsh realities of mana management again. I never had trouble with mana in Ulduar before; not on Kologarn, not on Hodir, not on anything. I can’t believe that night in IC, I burned Inner Focus 3 times, Arcane Torrent 4 times, Fiended twice and once with Hymm of Hope active, used a mana pot and had to be Innervated. The 4 tries before the last had seen me running into trouble as well.. and I couldn’t understand it. Sure I use my CDs normallly, but not this exaggerated! Then it dawned on me, a DPS lamented on vent about the loss of Replenishment after our Retadin left earlier. OMG, I never never realised just how big a difference 1 unassuming buff could make. My elemental shammy announced a total oophm halfway into P3, my resto druid didn’t even have enough mana to brez a dead dps! In the end, I had to do selective healing.. that is, I left the mana users to die, acknowledging that they’re worthless now at the end of their blue bars.

I collapsed after that IC kill; I simply had to rest my aching head. It was almost like I poured my own life energy into healing that raid. Exaggerated huh? Nah, it was that intense.. With the enrage timer closing in, my mana bar shortening, my mana users at their wits end, I will not forget that IC fight any time soon. When I did log in later, feeling marginally better, it occured to me to have a look at the combat log. At first, the numbers just looked so wrong to me. I pumped out 3204 HPS that fight. That, is an incredible number for a fight in which I hadn’t used many AoE heals. My shammy counterpart did 1500 HPS.. I came to the conclusion he must have been periodically AFK during that fight.

It was so frightening to feel that helpless and out of options as mana dried up. I never ever want to be in that position ever again; that of having no choice but to let people die on me. It also teaches me another thing – I should always always be actively managing mana in every damn fight. Also, healing is a team effort, and I will never carry another healer through content like this ever again. I was seriously pissed when I realised just how little effort and presence of mind people can bring to a raid. It’s simple, if you’re not into the business of keeping your raid alive and well, then I’m just so not into you.


~ by sparklefreeze on August 4, 2009.

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  1. Good post.

    Those intense fights rock!

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