It’s come down to this..


See, that’s my latest shot of a very dead TLPD in my screenshots folder. Bloody hell, this is the third time it’s happened. There’s my baby retadin mourning her loss in the picture. I just had this random hunch that the TLPD was going to spawn while I was going about the AT dailies. The feeling got so strong, I decided to put down my lance for a bit and pop over to the peaks for a look.. and I was just 2mins too late!! Nothing, nothing can describe the pain and anger and disappointment running through my heart as I watched my precious TLPD die. Of course, it didn’t help 1 bit that it was dying to a stupid nelf hunter who very ungraciously mocked me and mounted the golden drake for my viewing pleasure. Bloody hell Nagrand for once; how I wished in that moment, this is a PVP server. I will so gank that elf every single time I see him henceforth.

Ahhhh.. TLPD aside, it was a great week which saw my paladin bagging the new dragonhawk mount from the Sunreavers. My priest’s satisfied with a new dress and new crown this week. My friend has very kindly headed down into the Wailing Caverns to get me a Deviate Hatchling which I simply adore. Ulduar this week was a breeze with some solid healers; finally cutting me some slack. ToC 5man was great fun and I did get a run perfect this week with no deaths. ToC 10man was so very interesting and we saw 2 stages til I decided I’ve had enough of worms.

I can’t believe there could be a day when I would be grateful for Tuesday maintenance, yet today is such a day. I’m just so burned out from the last week. 10 AT dailies, 3 profession dailies, 1 ungoro raptor mount daily.. and for 2 toons too! Then I do ToC and the heroic daily as well.. and I raid. Omg, can you imagine how much I’ve slept over the last week?  Sigh, it’s 6 hours until this madness resumes. I’m sorry I’m not updating much. But seriously, now that I’ve decided to camp the TLPD next week on top of everything else.. I guess it’s til next maintenance! Tataz. ^^


~ by sparklefreeze on August 11, 2009.

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