As promised, the ToC raid update. I’ve tried both 10 and 25 versions this week with no particular problems. This blog post here and the subsequent ones were a great help with the multitude of debuffs that ToC throws out at us. It did help me awesomely because I haven’t bothered to get DBM updated though I did see a barrage of /w coming through from fellow raiders’ DBMs when I got Leigon Flame in the Lord Jaraxxus encounter. Btw, 10man dropped no Trophy while 25 normal did. 25 also dropped a Crusader Orb which I won and kept to make Merlin’s Robes eventually.

It’s 5am in the morning and I still can’t get to sleep. I’m seriously not writing so well today so let’s do point form. (note points don’t necessarily link; random is as random is)

Northrend Beasts: Phase 1

  1. Make DPS /tar the adds in Phase 1 and kill them asap. They periodically lockout a healer for abt 6secs.
  2. When I have an add on me, I use instant heals PoM & CoH over Flash Heal because the stun might just kick in mid-cast.
  3. You won’t die from an add in 10man; bubble and renew, PoM as needed will suffice.
  4. You will die in 25man if the add isn’t killed eventually, they just hit harder.
  5. Spreading out is essential for 25man, else fire will cause some serious hurt to too many at a time.
  6. Fire in 10 seems manageable as long as ppl move asap.
  7. Stay out of fire and strafe rather than move forward or back.
  8. Move back and you risk range to the tanks; move front and you risk the boss AoE stun that locks you out for a while.

Northrend Beasts: Phase 2

  1. Get Grid configured for Burning Bile and Paralytic Poison.
  2. Ppl who get poisoned should move to the Burning Bile tank as soon as they turn green; try not to reverse that.
  3. People with Burning Bile running through the raid to get to a poisoned person will hurt everyone in their paths tremendously.
  4. In 10man, spreading out is essential when Burning Bile is being spewed on the raid.
  5. Too many ppl with Burning Bile will wipe a 10man when they hurt each other converging on a target with the poison to cleanse.
  6. We did this with 1 tank in 10man today and it is totally possible; but with near death moments for our tank.

Northrend Beasts: Phase 3

  1. Easiest part of the fight; just tank and spank.
  2. It is relatively easier on 10 than 25 because you see everyone on the minimap clearly.
  3. Need to be aware of where the targeted person is and avoid that area totally; sure death there.
  4. Might help if the poor targeted soul pings on map his location in 25.
  5. Grid can be config-ed for Artic Breath for you to gauge who needs heals and is out of action for that period.
  6. Healers should therefore space thereselves well so no 2 gets frozen at any one time.

Lord Jaraxxus

  1. Grid should be config-ed for Legion Flame and Incinerate Flesh as priority.
  2. Contrary to belief, letting Incinerate Flesh get through is not always a raid wiping mistake; just additional burden to heals.
  3. Incinerate Flesh damage ticks raid-wide and can be mitigated by fast aoe heals that need not be huge.
  4. Biggest killer is a Legion Flame amongst the melee; 1 tick too late causes the whole melee group to hurt; 2 ticks might cause deaths.
  5. The mistresses really hurt, so you do have to big heal up those who get body slammed in case they get a freak combination with a curse/ lightning.
  6. You can see those infernos landing on you before they start to ‘hellfire’ and hurt; move.
  7. Towards the end of the fight is where the craziness is; fel fire patches everywhere, 2 mistresses up, Incinerate Flesh still on-going.. Conserve your mana.
  8. 25 tends to be overwhelmed by adds more so than in 10 and is a much more chaotic screen.
  9. Healers need to be spaced out evenly in this fight so everyone is in reach even when they’re kiting Legion Flame.
  10. Remember to dispel the buff on the boss.
  11. 1 more thing, don’t PoM or bubble the guy with Incinerate Flesh; the debuff doesn’t actually cause damage for PoM to trigger and count as a heal.

~ by sparklefreeze on August 21, 2009.

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