100 Mounts!

Hehez, last week I realised I could actually buy the other 5 colors of Netherdrakes for 200g apiece. Me and a DK mate also ventured into ZG for the first time, thinking of farming the new pet off the raptors. That didn’t happen, but instead, it landed me a Swift Zulian Tiger!! My guy was an absolute sweetheart for giving me a Mechano-hog after weeks of farming for mats. I finally got the Feat of Strength for obtaining the Venomhide Ravasaur after 20 days foraging in the jungles of  Un’goro. So, as of today, I have 86 mounts in my stock; and I am dead proud of it! Tomorrow, I’ll have 87 because right now, I have 93 champion seals in my bags. ^^

13 mounts to go for the 100 mount achievement! I really can’t wait but sigh, it’s not gonna be easy or quick. After looking through the WoW Mounts database, there aren’t many mounts left for me to acquire.

  • 5 Argent Tournament Seals = 500-93 seals =32 days of dailies + H.ToC
  • 4 Battleground Mounts = (30AV+30AB+30WSG) x 4 = about a month
  • 1 AV Frostwolf = if I achieve the above, I’ll prolly get this too
  • 2 Halaa Talbulks = sigh, nobody to kill in Halaa these days
  • 1 Karazhan Horseman Mount = 5 tries since Northrend and countless more during BC = Don’t count on it
  • 1 Stratholme Baron’s Mount = enough runs to be exalted with Argent Dawn 10 times over = Don’t even count on it
  • 1 Raptor from ZG = 3 tries so far = I think I only got super lucky with the tiger
  • 1 Brewfest Mount = we’ll see
  • 1 Headless Horseman Mount = didn’t get all of last year = hope soo…
  • 1 Violet protodrake = will get at end of Hallow’s End
  • 1 TLPD = sheer unbelievable luck
  • 1 Pheonix in The Eye = ehh.. hmm.. dreaming..
  • 1 Blue Protodrake = have never seen it drop 😦
  • 1 Red Protodrake = 4 more to go but Less-Rabi & Make it Count are so damn hard
  • 1 Blue Armored Windrider = 1600g = will buy to make up 100
  • 1 Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth = 16,000g = bank breaker
  • 1 Hodir’s Grand Ice mammoth = 16,000g = bank breaker too
  • 2 Black Drake/Twilight Drake = Black’s more possible but I think I’ll have to beg ppl to pass lol.
  • 2 Rusted/Iron-Bound Protodrake = loads of work and quite far off
  • 1 Malygos Blue Drake = Hmm, never seen it.
  • 1 Mimiron’s head = lol, not currently possible for me

So in the end, it’s a month’s hard work ahead of AT dailies and Battlegrounds afterwards for 10 mounts. 3 more to go! Hopes for Stratholme really; I’ve been in there at least 2 times a day for the last week. 1600g is ok for the Armored Blue Windrider from Mel Francis in Dalaran and I’ll prolly have to spend that cash. Last mount, I hope it’ll be ZG or Kara that’ll make it for me. 🙂 UP hasn’t been that kind, but a Blue protodrake? Please.. I’ll like that a lot. Oh, if all else fails, there’s always the Violet Protodrake to count on. Red Protodrake’s a solid backup too; that is if I get down to getting those hard ones done.


~ by sparklefreeze on August 25, 2009.

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