Depressing.. PvP.

My blog stats are depressing; but whatever. We downed the Faction Champions in ToC 10 today. I must say, it took us 8 wipes today and countless others the week previous. I really feel small as a healer during this encounter cause everyone says, ‘Kill the bloody healers first!!’. I get how unpopular healers are in a PvP situation especially since I’ve had rogues and DKs and shammies target focusing me in BGs this whole week. Was dabbling in some thoughts on Arena for the new season until today. Btw, the Frostwyrm mount is awesomely cool. Oh wells, PvP makes me lose my cool and curse a lot.

Well, if you’re interested to know about Faction Champions, here goes:

Kill Order

  • The resto druid – coz he heals for so bloody much, is instant with casts and it’s a pain to dispel hots.
  • The ele shammy – coz he hurts with his crits; clothies get 3 shot and it’s bb. Also, he moves around a lot and those bloody totems grrr…
  • The death knight – makes everyone sick with this or that disease and kept slashing at our cloth dps.
  • The shadow priest – dots everyone up so killing her means your dispeller is now free to actually start healing/dps-ing.
  • The holy paladin – is not instant with heals so we had our DK play with her.
  • The hunter – hurts. the pet died somewhere in the middle; I don’t know how.

The Opening

  • Our warrior charged and stunned the lot of them.
  • Bloodlust was applied.
  • Hexed the Shadow Priest and the Holy Paladin.
  • We raped the Resto Druid.
  • Our hunter laid a frost trap on the cc-ed bunch.

After the death of the tree

  • CC was free for all hence forth; we threw it on whatever was not the target atm.
  • Our dk deathgripped the Holy Pally away from the main group and stragulated/stun/silenced.
  • Our warrior played with the DK away from the group and chased when it went after clothies.
  • DPS, ranged mostly; raped the shammy but it took significantly more time than for the Resto Druid to die.

The Finishing

  • Is basically a win if you reach this stage with everyone in raid alive and well.
  • DK died pretty fast once we had those 2 down. No special note there.
  • Shadow Priest was reportedly a pain coz she bubbled ppl. Just Mass Dispel.
  • The Holy Paladin needed to be zerged. Split DPS on him meant he healed enough to not die.
  • The Hunter hurt like hell on cloth but range him so he can’t shoot you; he doesn’t really move much.

The theory was to kill the big healers and big critters. Therefore we chose to kill the Tree who healed for too much too fast and the Ele Shammy who really dropped the raid too fast. DoTs etc are not a big issue because healers can heal these damage ticks but not burst DPS such as those from a shammy or rogue.

Side Notes

  • Our Warrior and Paladin were in tank specc.
  • 3 healers: Holy Priest, Disc Priest, Holy Paladin
  • Paladins are not a good choice for targets that need to be interupt lock downed.
  • Our dk hated that he couldn’t make the Holy Paladin interested in him; but he chased him anyway.
  • Our shammies and holy priest purged/dispelled the current attack target as much as they could.
  • We set off loads of AoE fears and Arcane Torrents coz we had like 4 or 5 belfs.
  • Zerging targets is a must especially at the begining and for healer targets; else they won’t die in time.

Personal Notes as a Disc Priest

  • Try to stay at max range of the fray and fade fade fade.
  • Mass Dispel was my job entirely and very very impt to keep up until the most dangerous 2 are dead.
  • Movement limiting stuff are first dispel priority. Hammer of Justice, Chains of Ice etc.
  • If Deathgripped, Fear. Keep fear for such emergencies, not run into the fray to blow it when it’s off CD.
  • If targeted, run. Staying max range helps coz you’ll see things running in your direction.
  • Don’t stand still for long; moving makes you harder to chase down.
  • Bubble, bubble, bubble; for Renewed Hope.
  • Arcane Torrent the casters since you’ll press that button anyway for mana.
  • And I ran out of mana in the middle and used Hymm, and Fiend which I set upon casters to irritate them.
  • Heal with PoM and bubbles, penance in beginning with priority on dispelling.
  • Use Divine Hymm early and together with Inner Focus when ppl are hurting most.

~ by sparklefreeze on September 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Depressing.. PvP.”

  1. The Disc priest advice is good. Thats pretty much what I do in that fight.

  2. Lol, what I say to the raid before we start is.. ‘Bloody STAY ALIVE!!’ hugs*

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