Whee @ Twins!

Well, after we downed Faction Champions (thank thank god!!), we decided to have a go at the very cute looking twins. Hehez, I really didn’t read up on the fight and neither was I truly listening to the raid leader when he tried to explain. What I did.. was to /w my tank and tell him I’m utterly clueless and that he needed to save his skin when it got dire. That worked well though hahaz; my group lived despite me having my eyes glued on the TV watching Lady Gaga on MTV! ^^

We tried at first to have 5-5 on either twin/colour and to DPS down the shields. For some reason though, the dark group kept wiping it up despite having 2 healers while I tried really hard to keep the light group alive. DPS made loads of noise about having to swap colors to DPS shields, complaining it wasted too much time having to run to portals. Ok, so tactic failed because the girls healed themselves pretty much a lot. After about 3wipes, we changed the tactic.

Crazily enough, we decided to ignore the shields. >.< (DPS was pretty uber that night.) I stayed on the left/light with my main tank while everyone else took down the dark girl. We wiped another 3 times before people got used to the dodgeball and swapping portals for the AoE. I wiped them once cause I got ambushed by 4 black balls.. 😦 I was so scared lol, I kinda crouched on the floor and cried. Oh wells, nvm.

The successful attempt, the girls casted Twin Pact twice. Nobody in the raid died though there were a couple of close shaves. It was not a hard heal on my part as well; I even found it quite fun running around with the floating balls. ^^

Some Pointers

  • It might help you to play dodgeball if you angle your camera for a top-down view. You’ll see where the balls spawn and their projected flightpaths.
  • Sometimes you’ll have 4 or 5 balls converging on you. Don’t panic, breathe, bubble yourself. Choose a path where you’ll bang headon into 1 so you escape the rest and minimise damage.
  • Use your tank to soak damage from balls when you got no choice. Hide behide him and top it up. 7k might tickle him, but it’s a punch in the face for clothies.
  • Watch out for the AoE! If you’re like me, aka zoned out, watching TV while raiding!! And, you’ve managed to lag enough such that the girl’s unleasing the AoE while you’re in the wrong color and some distance from the portal; please don’t panic. Stand still and spam heal yourself!! If it gets desperate, use Guardian Spirit or Pain Suppression. Running at this point will more than likely cause death.
  • Soak up the balls of the same color!! It’s so much fun to do and the buffs are fun too.
  • Throw CoH onto members of the other group if you like me, are doing tank heals on 1 side.
  • Conserve mana; I did have to use fiend.

~ by sparklefreeze on September 8, 2009.

One Response to “Whee @ Twins!”

  1. Hmm….this is your raid leader here aka your bf. Watching TV while raiding eh… I will be sending you our group repair bills. Nonetheless, you did a awesome job healing the the tank. Kudos!
    Great write up, apart from the tv… 😡 *wink

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