Sarth and 3D >.<

We tried 3D today with the zerg strategy; that is, to get Sarth down before the whelps pop. I have to say, even with some uber DPS, this isn’t gonna be the easier fights around anytime soon. We wiped 2hours until the instance respawned and still couldn’t break the 15% barrier. It was truly a stretch of limits with me solo-healing the single tank. DPS could not afford to take damage at all even from the adds. There was no margin for error and DPS had to pump a cool 5k and above to even achieve any form of success.

Talking about the healing; it was easy at the beginning but it only really begins after the 2nd fire wall is over. Henceforth, the tank spikes crazily with the 2 or 3 drakes breathing on him. I couldn’t afford to even move because I had to spam heal. I had the retadin bubble me so I could stand in a fire wall and keep the tank up. All is lost however, once the whelps spawn and reach the group. There is no way in hell a tank can survive so many things hitting/breathing him.

If you’re interested in this strategy; here’s it in more detail.

  • 1 tank, 1 healer, 8 DPS
  • We pulled at the landing on the left behind Sarth.
  • Ranged DPS mostly stacked with melee except hunters who had a range problem.
  • Sarth was tanked facing right and had his body parallel to the edge of the isle.
  • DPS stood in a line along the edge of the isle with Sarth almost right on top of them.
  • Healer (me) stood on the other side of Sarth with the hunter.
  • Raid dodged Fire Walls by either dipping into the lava behind them or running under Sarth to my side.
  • It’s very important that DPS look for voids because they are stacked.

In the end, I called for end of raid because it was simply going downhill as people lost concentration. The last few attempts saw people grabbing aggro, people eating voids, people getting breathed on. I guess it’s 3D next week again. Btw, our DKs each pumped out 8k that fight. That just leads me to think perhaps next week, I’ll get 8 DKs instead. >.<


~ by sparklefreeze on September 11, 2009.

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