God I hate Brewfest. 350 coins to get my achievements done and right up to now, my tally is at 191. Sigh, it’s no wonder I’ve skipped Brewfest every year previously; it’s just one big screwed up event. Also, did I mention how much I hate my fuzzy screen after I get smashed defending kegs every half hour? I don’t get 10mins of somber time in an hour seriously. Gives me a headache. By the way, BRD was never really a place I fancied. Now, it’s degenerated to loathe.

There was this one time…when I was drunk… I burned BRD to the ground. No, wait.. fire doesn’t work there does it? More like freeze it over maybe. God, you have no idea how long it takes on my server to get this daily done. I camp on average, 5-6hrs before there’s any success; for 10 frking coins!! 10!! It’s just utterly insane. There was this 1 fail attempt, they managed to hit 1 iron dwarf during the whole event >.< Sigh, I log on  an alt parked on the brewfest grounds every half hour to check.. But sigh, it’s a lot of disappointment and frustration for 10 coins. On the brighter side, my quest for Loremaster is really going well because of this. I simply quest and quest and quest until I get this daily down.

Ram racing.. This really pisses me off. I’ve failed 2 times in a row now because of random DC or server lag. It is a bad bad idea to try to do this right before Tuesday maintainance when server goes crazy. I’ve just blown this like that and it makes me so so so mad! And Blizz is really really stupid not to make this a daily or even a 12-hourly quest whatever.. But simply, I would love to see the exclamation mark to know when it’s available again. I really don’t get why we need to talk to the goblin to find out. It makes for a huge crowd at the tent everyday, whatever time it is and that just doesn’t help with the stupid lag and bugs surrounding the whole Brewfest event.

Personally, I feel Brewfest is too demanding as an event. It’s incredibly stingy with the tokens with just 1 standard daily that gives 15coins. The iron dwarf daily is a nightmare for raiders who have no time to camp this hour upon hour and even then, it’s just 10 coins. With just 12 days to go and 160 more coins to get at least, the achievements are still within reach provided you have some patience and diligence. The pressure’s there though because it’s this tight and it’s certainly not helping me enjoy the festival at all. I even prefer the Lunar fest to Brewfest despite the amount of effort honoring elders took. At the very least, the other festivals brought you around Azeroth and combined some lore, some interest, some pvp, some variety. Brewfest is really lacking in all that. It’s more like boredom, repetition, goblins, and the same patch of desert land for 15days.

It’s time for a revamp Blizzard. Brewfest’s a time to chill and have a beer, not stress out and QQ.


~ by sparklefreeze on September 22, 2009.

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