The Burnout.

Suddenly, I found myself in need of a ridiculously huge number of Triumph emblems this week and hence, have done every possible raid to secure as many as I could. Triumph gear doesn’t itemise very well with what I currently have and I’ve found upgrades beneficial only when they come 2 pieces or more together. For example, the helm and shoulder pieces are what is available to Holy priests atm. It is unfortunate though that the helm provides crit when it’s meant to replace my current one that’s loaded with almost half the haste I have atm. The shoulders.. god damn works the other way round much to my annoyance. So, 75+45 emblems is what I’m looking at for now. 1 week more of raids to go before a real upgrade.

I know the talk of the week is Onyxia; but I’m kinda.. over Onyxia before it started. See, nothing’s new to the encounter, not even the crap loot. I assume melee is going gaga over the all too familiar, nostalgic weapons; but as a clothy, I’m like hmm.. Ok, the ring from the 10man head is a slight upgrade for me I admit. But the 2 piece trinket set? Hmm, I don’t get who might want them actually. Both trinky slots for those procs? I really think it’s not worth it considering the other very powerful alternatives that just take up a single slot to actually work. Onyxia’s still a pretty girl as I remember from vanilla days. I’m just a tat disappointed how easy this is after they threw Ulduar and before-nerf ToC at us. After all, a dragon’s a dragon.. I kinda would like more punch lol.

And ToC nerfs have ruined everything. I loved Faction Champions before the nerf. They were.. a challenge; and uber fun despite all those wipes. These days, it seems more likely to die in a lowbie-mixed-in AV than in Faction Champions. Honestly, my raid this week suffered a tickle.. and that really was it. Now, even Dreadscale and his pal are higher up on my ToC hate list. Wait, even the girls are more troublesome. >.< That’s of course also because they fixed Twin Pact and I can’t zerg kill one anymore. Sulks* Give me back my original ToC damnit!

Raids aside, I finally got my 100 mounts achievement today as I got around to buying the 16,000g vendor mammoth. I could have waited another 10days for an AT mount, or farmed myself another battleground mount, but somewhere deep inside, I just think I’ve always wanted one of them mounts that screamed, ‘I’M RICH!’ Ok, not anymore though after that purchase.. But whatever. This week, I’ve also gotten around to finally doing some Ulduar hard modes with Heartbreaker and the IC ones down. Maybe I’ll blog those soon, but hmm.. When I feel less sated enough to write a technical piece, we’ll see. I’ve also encountered a rather inadequate Disc priest this week in my raid; which prompts me to write yet another Holy vs Disc piece. Actually, I’ve had that draft in my folders for days now; just too lazy to touch up enough for a post.

Also, I’ve fallen in love with Wintergrasp finally! My tank’s been laughing at me non-stop for days now.. since I had the Emalon 25 achievement pop in last week’s raid. He just couldn’t believe I’ve never done Emalon before. O_o” (the context: on my weird server, VoA groups typically ask for an achievement link before they let you go with them.) TBH, I’ve done VoA 10 + 25 less than 10 times altogether before. I’m only into it now because I was needing that Mammoth to drop for 100 mounts before today and also, I need a T8.5 glove. Sigh, mere mention of T8.5 and I get pissed. Itemisation is such a pain, I’ve got a couple of pieces of ToC gear just sitting in the bank because I cannot let the T8 2-bonus go. Sigh, 10% crit on PoH? I really can’t let that go. Just tell me what to do now.



~ by sparklefreeze on September 30, 2009.

One Response to “The Burnout.”

  1. I hear ya! Equiping a couple of ToC piees for smallish upgrades and break my T8.5 4 pc set bonus? I don’t think so!

    I think i’ll have to replace my entire T8.5 at once otherwise i’ll keep wondering if I should be wearing it instead 😉

    I never really liked Faction Champions but i’d become used to it. Now even in 25 man its fairly forgiving, expecially that whirlwinding warrior with his teeth pulled.

    On the upside the slightly harder Twin Valks is slightly more challenging and Anub is a great fight…

    Gobble gobble.

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