I got my Violet Proto-Drake on the first day or rather, Day -1 of Hallow’s End since it came early on the Oceanic servers. There was no thrill, no rush, no nothing when I saw the multiple achievement bars pop on the bottom of my scene. I guess it’s over.. my love affair with WoW. I’ve nothing more to chase; no more reputations worth grinding for, no partner to go rough up the arena scene with, no more out-in-the-open achievements to hunt down. Fuck, this is what happens when you don’t raid, you don’t go hard-core. You eventually deadpan.

I feel like crap. I like challenges, I like blood, I love adrenaline. And now, I’ve seemed to lose all that both in real life and in game life. Sigh, this is a new low. I’m itching to kill things; shit, I’ll even go back to managing the very vast enterprise that’s my former guild.. with my very anal GM. Just for the sake of a little thrill. TBH, let’s just say I love control. Sometimes I do take more pleasure than I should rubbing their faults into guildies’s faces. Hmm, btw I was hired/requited to my former position to be the biggest bitch there was on the server. That, technically makes it not my fault when I make people cry; it’s just my job. See, my former guild’s just sick and yes, sadistic. I think they rather liked me that way.

Ah, maybe I should just channel the excess energy into some useful blog entries maybe. Like, maybe I could discuss some useful raid strategies/talent builds/gear choices/rotations.. blah blah blah. Maybe. But nothing’s interesting me much anymore! rolls eyes* I really wish it were otherwise. Can’t someone just throw me a difficult puzzle to solve or something? It’s like my brains cells are degenerating these days.


~ by sparklefreeze on October 20, 2009.

One Response to “Deadpanning.”

  1. I had the same issue and working on an alt has mostly fixed it. I moved completely away from healing and am gearing a prot warrior and half the game is new to me 😉

    GL with finding your new groove.

    Gobble gobble.

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