Whee @ Twins!

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Well, after we downed Faction Champions (thank thank god!!), we decided to have a go at the very cute looking twins. Hehez, I really didn’t read up on the fight and neither was I truly listening to the raid leader when he tried to explain. What I did.. was to /w my tank and tell him I’m utterly clueless and that he needed to save his skin when it got dire. That worked well though hahaz; my group lived despite me having my eyes glued on the TV watching Lady Gaga on MTV! ^^

We tried at first to have 5-5 on either twin/colour and to DPS down the shields. For some reason though, the dark group kept wiping it up despite having 2 healers while I tried really hard to keep the light group alive. DPS made loads of noise about having to swap colors to DPS shields, complaining it wasted too much time having to run to portals. Ok, so tactic failed because the girls healed themselves pretty much a lot. After about 3wipes, we changed the tactic.

Crazily enough, we decided to ignore the shields. >.< (DPS was pretty uber that night.) I stayed on the left/light with my main tank while everyone else took down the dark girl. We wiped another 3 times before people got used to the dodgeball and swapping portals for the AoE. I wiped them once cause I got ambushed by 4 black balls.. 😦 I was so scared lol, I kinda crouched on the floor and cried. Oh wells, nvm.

The successful attempt, the girls casted Twin Pact twice. Nobody in the raid died though there were a couple of close shaves. It was not a hard heal on my part as well; I even found it quite fun running around with the floating balls. ^^

Some Pointers

  • It might help you to play dodgeball if you angle your camera for a top-down view. You’ll see where the balls spawn and their projected flightpaths.
  • Sometimes you’ll have 4 or 5 balls converging on you. Don’t panic, breathe, bubble yourself. Choose a path where you’ll bang headon into 1 so you escape the rest and minimise damage.
  • Use your tank to soak damage from balls when you got no choice. Hide behide him and top it up. 7k might tickle him, but it’s a punch in the face for clothies.
  • Watch out for the AoE! If you’re like me, aka zoned out, watching TV while raiding!! And, you’ve managed to lag enough such that the girl’s unleasing the AoE while you’re in the wrong color and some distance from the portal; please don’t panic. Stand still and spam heal yourself!! If it gets desperate, use Guardian Spirit or Pain Suppression. Running at this point will more than likely cause death.
  • Soak up the balls of the same color!! It’s so much fun to do and the buffs are fun too.
  • Throw CoH onto members of the other group if you like me, are doing tank heals on 1 side.
  • Conserve mana; I did have to use fiend.

Depressing.. PvP.

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My blog stats are depressing; but whatever. We downed the Faction Champions in ToC 10 today. I must say, it took us 8 wipes today and countless others the week previous. I really feel small as a healer during this encounter cause everyone says, ‘Kill the bloody healers first!!’. I get how unpopular healers are in a PvP situation especially since I’ve had rogues and DKs and shammies target focusing me in BGs this whole week. Was dabbling in some thoughts on Arena for the new season until today. Btw, the Frostwyrm mount is awesomely cool. Oh wells, PvP makes me lose my cool and curse a lot.

Well, if you’re interested to know about Faction Champions, here goes:

Kill Order

  • The resto druid – coz he heals for so bloody much, is instant with casts and it’s a pain to dispel hots.
  • The ele shammy – coz he hurts with his crits; clothies get 3 shot and it’s bb. Also, he moves around a lot and those bloody totems grrr…
  • The death knight – makes everyone sick with this or that disease and kept slashing at our cloth dps.
  • The shadow priest – dots everyone up so killing her means your dispeller is now free to actually start healing/dps-ing.
  • The holy paladin – is not instant with heals so we had our DK play with her.
  • The hunter – hurts. the pet died somewhere in the middle; I don’t know how.

The Opening

  • Our warrior charged and stunned the lot of them.
  • Bloodlust was applied.
  • Hexed the Shadow Priest and the Holy Paladin.
  • We raped the Resto Druid.
  • Our hunter laid a frost trap on the cc-ed bunch.

After the death of the tree

  • CC was free for all hence forth; we threw it on whatever was not the target atm.
  • Our dk deathgripped the Holy Pally away from the main group and stragulated/stun/silenced.
  • Our warrior played with the DK away from the group and chased when it went after clothies.
  • DPS, ranged mostly; raped the shammy but it took significantly more time than for the Resto Druid to die.

The Finishing

  • Is basically a win if you reach this stage with everyone in raid alive and well.
  • DK died pretty fast once we had those 2 down. No special note there.
  • Shadow Priest was reportedly a pain coz she bubbled ppl. Just Mass Dispel.
  • The Holy Paladin needed to be zerged. Split DPS on him meant he healed enough to not die.
  • The Hunter hurt like hell on cloth but range him so he can’t shoot you; he doesn’t really move much.

The theory was to kill the big healers and big critters. Therefore we chose to kill the Tree who healed for too much too fast and the Ele Shammy who really dropped the raid too fast. DoTs etc are not a big issue because healers can heal these damage ticks but not burst DPS such as those from a shammy or rogue.

Side Notes

  • Our Warrior and Paladin were in tank specc.
  • 3 healers: Holy Priest, Disc Priest, Holy Paladin
  • Paladins are not a good choice for targets that need to be interupt lock downed.
  • Our dk hated that he couldn’t make the Holy Paladin interested in him; but he chased him anyway.
  • Our shammies and holy priest purged/dispelled the current attack target as much as they could.
  • We set off loads of AoE fears and Arcane Torrents coz we had like 4 or 5 belfs.
  • Zerging targets is a must especially at the begining and for healer targets; else they won’t die in time.

Personal Notes as a Disc Priest

  • Try to stay at max range of the fray and fade fade fade.
  • Mass Dispel was my job entirely and very very impt to keep up until the most dangerous 2 are dead.
  • Movement limiting stuff are first dispel priority. Hammer of Justice, Chains of Ice etc.
  • If Deathgripped, Fear. Keep fear for such emergencies, not run into the fray to blow it when it’s off CD.
  • If targeted, run. Staying max range helps coz you’ll see things running in your direction.
  • Don’t stand still for long; moving makes you harder to chase down.
  • Bubble, bubble, bubble; for Renewed Hope.
  • Arcane Torrent the casters since you’ll press that button anyway for mana.
  • And I ran out of mana in the middle and used Hymm, and Fiend which I set upon casters to irritate them.
  • Heal with PoM and bubbles, penance in beginning with priority on dispelling.
  • Use Divine Hymm early and together with Inner Focus when ppl are hurting most.


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I had such a bad week that I am totally exhausted mind, body and soul. Nothing has gone right. And in the end, I got so fed up, so upset that I engaged in some retail therapy that only made me even more guilty afterwards. To curb my spending, guess what ridiculous thing I did. Sigh, I deliberately put myself into a pair of heels I knew would hurt my feet so bad, I couldn’t possibly do serious damage to my bank balance. That aside, WoW was a serious letdown this week as well. I’m half wanting to take a seriously long long long break again.

Raid night Friday came and went with me screwing up Northrend Beasts so bad, I decided to drop the raid after that. I virtually did everything wrong. Like, I forgot to flask, I forgot my haste food, I forgot to set clique up, I forgot to get out of my BG/Arena UI.. I basically was next to being AFK in raid that night. Wonder wth was wrong with me really. When on the 3rd attempt, I managed to die on Phase 2 and got auto-released from my BG UI, I dropped from the raid to reset it. What went wrong was that I got re-invited back in afterwards with them managing to actually down the boss. Despite being outside the instance, I got bloody saved. I went in, got my badges, glanced at the loot ( nice wand btw), and told them I’m not in the mood and left.

I felt bad really for dumping my regulars, but I wasn’t about to wipe them more later on. People kept bugging me to roll on the wand, but I flatly refused. See, I don’t roll on loot if I feel I don’t deserve it. Plus, equipping it will only remind me of my failure everytime I use it; that’s just insulting. Couldn’t believe my tank got my bf to roll on my behalf. Anyways, I got screamed at by said bf for dumping the raid etc. C’mon, it’s not like I didn’t know there was a replacement available even if I left. Besides, I just wasted my instance save for something I had no part in at all. Sometimes, I really hate that my bf plays WoW too, and he plays it with me. It’s hard to not bring the frustrations and anger in the RL with him into WoW. I hate that it’s our link; that it’s the one thing that keeps us together. And by saying ‘together’, I have no idea what that together even means anymore.

I went on to get into AV to slaughter some alliance for sanity’s sake. My MT later on /w me to say they downed the 2nd boss 1 shot, and to comfort me. Sometimes, I realise how much my tanks pamper me; and I’m truly grateful for that. It’s probably why I don’t fancy raiding guilds; I don’t get to choose my tanks. Even my bf didn’t bother to comfort me; somehow, the closer people are, the more unforgiving and accusing they become. I’m not sure if I’m tired of WoW yet. I’ve spent most of the week inside BGs rather than instances because my mood was so fiery, it kinda scorched everyone who ventured too near. Like, I yelled at a PuG tank last night because the retard stood inside a Descecrate on P3 of Black Knight in ToC. Like, I yelled at the bunch of idiots in WSG who stood there PvP-ing their asses off while the flag-carrier skipped his way ACROSS the fray to a quick cap. Seriously, is it me or is it them itching for insults to be hurled their way?.

Week’s over. Hope the incoming one will be better, but I seriously doubt.

100 Mounts!

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Hehez, last week I realised I could actually buy the other 5 colors of Netherdrakes for 200g apiece. Me and a DK mate also ventured into ZG for the first time, thinking of farming the new pet off the raptors. That didn’t happen, but instead, it landed me a Swift Zulian Tiger!! My guy was an absolute sweetheart for giving me a Mechano-hog after weeks of farming for mats. I finally got the Feat of Strength for obtaining the Venomhide Ravasaur after 20 days foraging in the jungles of  Un’goro. So, as of today, I have 86 mounts in my stock; and I am dead proud of it! Tomorrow, I’ll have 87 because right now, I have 93 champion seals in my bags. ^^

13 mounts to go for the 100 mount achievement! I really can’t wait but sigh, it’s not gonna be easy or quick. After looking through the WoW Mounts database, there aren’t many mounts left for me to acquire.

  • 5 Argent Tournament Seals = 500-93 seals =32 days of dailies + H.ToC
  • 4 Battleground Mounts = (30AV+30AB+30WSG) x 4 = about a month
  • 1 AV Frostwolf = if I achieve the above, I’ll prolly get this too
  • 2 Halaa Talbulks = sigh, nobody to kill in Halaa these days
  • 1 Karazhan Horseman Mount = 5 tries since Northrend and countless more during BC = Don’t count on it
  • 1 Stratholme Baron’s Mount = enough runs to be exalted with Argent Dawn 10 times over = Don’t even count on it
  • 1 Raptor from ZG = 3 tries so far = I think I only got super lucky with the tiger
  • 1 Brewfest Mount = we’ll see
  • 1 Headless Horseman Mount = didn’t get all of last year = hope soo…
  • 1 Violet protodrake = will get at end of Hallow’s End
  • 1 TLPD = sheer unbelievable luck
  • 1 Pheonix in The Eye = ehh.. hmm.. dreaming..
  • 1 Blue Protodrake = have never seen it drop 😦
  • 1 Red Protodrake = 4 more to go but Less-Rabi & Make it Count are so damn hard
  • 1 Blue Armored Windrider = 1600g = will buy to make up 100
  • 1 Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth = 16,000g = bank breaker
  • 1 Hodir’s Grand Ice mammoth = 16,000g = bank breaker too
  • 2 Black Drake/Twilight Drake = Black’s more possible but I think I’ll have to beg ppl to pass lol.
  • 2 Rusted/Iron-Bound Protodrake = loads of work and quite far off
  • 1 Malygos Blue Drake = Hmm, never seen it.
  • 1 Mimiron’s head = lol, not currently possible for me

So in the end, it’s a month’s hard work ahead of AT dailies and Battlegrounds afterwards for 10 mounts. 3 more to go! Hopes for Stratholme really; I’ve been in there at least 2 times a day for the last week. 1600g is ok for the Armored Blue Windrider from Mel Francis in Dalaran and I’ll prolly have to spend that cash. Last mount, I hope it’ll be ZG or Kara that’ll make it for me. 🙂 UP hasn’t been that kind, but a Blue protodrake? Please.. I’ll like that a lot. Oh, if all else fails, there’s always the Violet Protodrake to count on. Red Protodrake’s a solid backup too; that is if I get down to getting those hard ones done.


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As promised, the ToC raid update. I’ve tried both 10 and 25 versions this week with no particular problems. This blog post here and the subsequent ones were a great help with the multitude of debuffs that ToC throws out at us. It did help me awesomely because I haven’t bothered to get DBM updated though I did see a barrage of /w coming through from fellow raiders’ DBMs when I got Leigon Flame in the Lord Jaraxxus encounter. Btw, 10man dropped no Trophy while 25 normal did. 25 also dropped a Crusader Orb which I won and kept to make Merlin’s Robes eventually.

It’s 5am in the morning and I still can’t get to sleep. I’m seriously not writing so well today so let’s do point form. (note points don’t necessarily link; random is as random is)

Northrend Beasts: Phase 1

  1. Make DPS /tar the adds in Phase 1 and kill them asap. They periodically lockout a healer for abt 6secs.
  2. When I have an add on me, I use instant heals PoM & CoH over Flash Heal because the stun might just kick in mid-cast.
  3. You won’t die from an add in 10man; bubble and renew, PoM as needed will suffice.
  4. You will die in 25man if the add isn’t killed eventually, they just hit harder.
  5. Spreading out is essential for 25man, else fire will cause some serious hurt to too many at a time.
  6. Fire in 10 seems manageable as long as ppl move asap.
  7. Stay out of fire and strafe rather than move forward or back.
  8. Move back and you risk range to the tanks; move front and you risk the boss AoE stun that locks you out for a while.

Northrend Beasts: Phase 2

  1. Get Grid configured for Burning Bile and Paralytic Poison.
  2. Ppl who get poisoned should move to the Burning Bile tank as soon as they turn green; try not to reverse that.
  3. People with Burning Bile running through the raid to get to a poisoned person will hurt everyone in their paths tremendously.
  4. In 10man, spreading out is essential when Burning Bile is being spewed on the raid.
  5. Too many ppl with Burning Bile will wipe a 10man when they hurt each other converging on a target with the poison to cleanse.
  6. We did this with 1 tank in 10man today and it is totally possible; but with near death moments for our tank.

Northrend Beasts: Phase 3

  1. Easiest part of the fight; just tank and spank.
  2. It is relatively easier on 10 than 25 because you see everyone on the minimap clearly.
  3. Need to be aware of where the targeted person is and avoid that area totally; sure death there.
  4. Might help if the poor targeted soul pings on map his location in 25.
  5. Grid can be config-ed for Artic Breath for you to gauge who needs heals and is out of action for that period.
  6. Healers should therefore space thereselves well so no 2 gets frozen at any one time.

Lord Jaraxxus

  1. Grid should be config-ed for Legion Flame and Incinerate Flesh as priority.
  2. Contrary to belief, letting Incinerate Flesh get through is not always a raid wiping mistake; just additional burden to heals.
  3. Incinerate Flesh damage ticks raid-wide and can be mitigated by fast aoe heals that need not be huge.
  4. Biggest killer is a Legion Flame amongst the melee; 1 tick too late causes the whole melee group to hurt; 2 ticks might cause deaths.
  5. The mistresses really hurt, so you do have to big heal up those who get body slammed in case they get a freak combination with a curse/ lightning.
  6. You can see those infernos landing on you before they start to ‘hellfire’ and hurt; move.
  7. Towards the end of the fight is where the craziness is; fel fire patches everywhere, 2 mistresses up, Incinerate Flesh still on-going.. Conserve your mana.
  8. 25 tends to be overwhelmed by adds more so than in 10 and is a much more chaotic screen.
  9. Healers need to be spaced out evenly in this fight so everyone is in reach even when they’re kiting Legion Flame.
  10. Remember to dispel the buff on the boss.
  11. 1 more thing, don’t PoM or bubble the guy with Incinerate Flesh; the debuff doesn’t actually cause damage for PoM to trigger and count as a heal.

It’s come down to this..

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See, that’s my latest shot of a very dead TLPD in my screenshots folder. Bloody hell, this is the third time it’s happened. There’s my baby retadin mourning her loss in the picture. I just had this random hunch that the TLPD was going to spawn while I was going about the AT dailies. The feeling got so strong, I decided to put down my lance for a bit and pop over to the peaks for a look.. and I was just 2mins too late!! Nothing, nothing can describe the pain and anger and disappointment running through my heart as I watched my precious TLPD die. Of course, it didn’t help 1 bit that it was dying to a stupid nelf hunter who very ungraciously mocked me and mounted the golden drake for my viewing pleasure. Bloody hell Nagrand for once; how I wished in that moment, this is a PVP server. I will so gank that elf every single time I see him henceforth.

Ahhhh.. TLPD aside, it was a great week which saw my paladin bagging the new dragonhawk mount from the Sunreavers. My priest’s satisfied with a new dress and new crown this week. My friend has very kindly headed down into the Wailing Caverns to get me a Deviate Hatchling which I simply adore. Ulduar this week was a breeze with some solid healers; finally cutting me some slack. ToC 5man was great fun and I did get a run perfect this week with no deaths. ToC 10man was so very interesting and we saw 2 stages til I decided I’ve had enough of worms.

I can’t believe there could be a day when I would be grateful for Tuesday maintenance, yet today is such a day. I’m just so burned out from the last week. 10 AT dailies, 3 profession dailies, 1 ungoro raptor mount daily.. and for 2 toons too! Then I do ToC and the heroic daily as well.. and I raid. Omg, can you imagine how much I’ve slept over the last week?  Sigh, it’s 6 hours until this madness resumes. I’m sorry I’m not updating much. But seriously, now that I’ve decided to camp the TLPD next week on top of everything else.. I guess it’s til next maintenance! Tataz. ^^

Wake-up call..

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We went back to doing Iron Council last Ulduar after we downed all the keepers. It’s been, say a month, that I haven’t done the IC fight. I was never a fan of it really; I don’t like Iron Dwarves very much and I also don’t get why dwarves, giants and vyruls are the best of pals. Ok, despite my DK announcing he was going for dinner and AFK-ing without permission, we decided to 9man it. I think we all thought IC was gonna be routine and boring when we first started.. Yet it was the 5th try of the night with 4 wipes behind us with a full raid. I wasn’t optimistic we could miraculously 9man it with a new tank and a brand new heal team now. I returned ‘YES’ on the ready check, very much prepared to wipe and call for an EOR. IC that night with 9 proved to be the most agonizing fight I’ve done in a long while. It’s almost like the 3 of them punishing our complacence for thinking they’re so easy, we leave them to the last every raid.. as if it’s a waste of our time. Hell, I totally see IC in a different light now.

To start with, I didn’t have a paladin tanking that night, therefore I had to dispel. That didn’t go so well because at first. I took a try to get the timing down; then the tank kept dying to the aftermath of a Runic Punch since the other healer simply didn’t follow through with the big heals.. Just utterly messed up at the front of the room. That day, IC made me realise how 1 GCD can wipe a raid, how the lack of chemistry among healers is fatal, how being spoilt big time by my paladin tank has far-fetched consequences. In the end, I bubbled and PoM-ed my tank before the dispel for additional assurance. I hate new heal teams and reactive healers.

IC that night woke me up to the harsh realities of mana management again. I never had trouble with mana in Ulduar before; not on Kologarn, not on Hodir, not on anything. I can’t believe that night in IC, I burned Inner Focus 3 times, Arcane Torrent 4 times, Fiended twice and once with Hymm of Hope active, used a mana pot and had to be Innervated. The 4 tries before the last had seen me running into trouble as well.. and I couldn’t understand it. Sure I use my CDs normallly, but not this exaggerated! Then it dawned on me, a DPS lamented on vent about the loss of Replenishment after our Retadin left earlier. OMG, I never never realised just how big a difference 1 unassuming buff could make. My elemental shammy announced a total oophm halfway into P3, my resto druid didn’t even have enough mana to brez a dead dps! In the end, I had to do selective healing.. that is, I left the mana users to die, acknowledging that they’re worthless now at the end of their blue bars.

I collapsed after that IC kill; I simply had to rest my aching head. It was almost like I poured my own life energy into healing that raid. Exaggerated huh? Nah, it was that intense.. With the enrage timer closing in, my mana bar shortening, my mana users at their wits end, I will not forget that IC fight any time soon. When I did log in later, feeling marginally better, it occured to me to have a look at the combat log. At first, the numbers just looked so wrong to me. I pumped out 3204 HPS that fight. That, is an incredible number for a fight in which I hadn’t used many AoE heals. My shammy counterpart did 1500 HPS.. I came to the conclusion he must have been periodically AFK during that fight.

It was so frightening to feel that helpless and out of options as mana dried up. I never ever want to be in that position ever again; that of having no choice but to let people die on me. It also teaches me another thing – I should always always be actively managing mana in every damn fight. Also, healing is a team effort, and I will never carry another healer through content like this ever again. I was seriously pissed when I realised just how little effort and presence of mind people can bring to a raid. It’s simple, if you’re not into the business of keeping your raid alive and well, then I’m just so not into you.